Faith Healer

Faith Healer

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Faith Healer is psych-rock music meant to be listened to through headphones while you're sitting in a confessional trying not to sound loaded.


Faith Healer is the moniker for Jessica Jalbert's five-piece solo project.  

The music has been described as "heavily influenced by ’60s and ’70s psych rock, but [it’s] still bright and upbeat enough to conjure images of summer, even when the weather is bleak" (Rookie Mag),  "a way to send you fathoms deep into her mind without having to follow all the way" (Pitchfork), and a blatant ripoff of the Velvet Underground (irate old audience member).  

It sits somewhere between heavily layered psych-rock and saccharine pop, but with a little irreverence and rock riffage to keep it light.