A great mix of stream of concious writing and well thought out edits. A great verse forms out of a great chorus and it all starts with an image and an emotion.


Raised in a small town 2 hours outside of Toronto, Canada.

Moved to the city to find fame and fortune as drummer in a rock band

decided to start singing after being tricked by a friend to sing at an open jam and got a good response.

Joined OPM in '97 with Juno Nominated Producer Adam Messinger.

Group disbanded in 2000.

worked as an actor appearing in 6 commercials and an independant feature by director Nigel Hartwell called "Insight of Evil" which has been distributed by Rogers Video in Canada and Hollywood Video in the US

Joined "Relish" in Feb. 2001
Group was managed by Doc Mcghee (kiss) and Doug Adams (Pyrotek)

Changed name to Faithdown in 2002

Recieved airplay on XFM 101 in Ottawa, 102.1 the edge in Toronto (as well as numerous indie stations), and 103.3 the edge in Buffalo

Opened for bands such as Sum 41 (Lynx Baseball Stadium in Ottawa), Three Days Grace, I Mother Earth, etc.

Left Faithdown in Sept. 2005

Seeking other musicians and collaborators to continue writing as well as session work as a vocalist and lyricist



Written By: Mike Bruce

Verse 1:
You're beginning to respect
Every Morning
Starting to connect
all the bad times
everyone around you
remembers who you used to be
But I can't take the scared look
on your face
and nervous laughter
just can't take it's place
as our two worlds
drift apart
you start to...

twist and turn
and you wake up screaming
you realise
that you've broken bones
and who's to say
what's supposed to happen
but trust when I say
you're not alone

Verse 2:
Speaking as a guest
it's pretty simple
all you need, to rest
is a lifeline
living as the master
remember who you used to be
'cause I can change
the site, the taste or touch
but I don't think you'd like it
all that much
and as our two worlds
fall apart
you start to...

Wretch and burn
and you wake up bleeding
you're crying out but
there's nobody home
I can see it in your face
you're just a little
edgy today
walking a fine line
are you feeling ok
please trust when I say
you're not alone


Written By: Mike Bruce

Verse 1:
You're drowning in time
but you won't open your eyes
and I don't like
this conversation
it's wearing thin on me
but I don't regret anything
I've made me who I am
It's alright, please don't cry
it happens to everyone
while they're...

we'll just pick up the pieces
and play on
there's a place for you right

Verse 2:
It's not that I've been there
But I understand this life
as it leaves you
it passes through me
reminds me of who I am
But I don't want to wait too long
for an answer
I feel like I'm the only one
who's been hanging on

we'll just pick up the pieces
and play on
there's a place for you right here
take all I have
in my heart
there's no use dying
and don't ever change
who you are
'cause they just don't know you



Written By: Mike Bruce

Verse 1:
So many times
have I waited for you
but try as you might
you just couldn't come through...
oh well
and now everyone's shocked
by the head that I've got
but nothing's ever
quite the way it seems

Oh life is good
there's nobody watching
I think you should
oh life
is right in front of me
I'll take what I can while I'm young

Verse 2:
Gravity tries to pull me to the ground
But I will not lay down
Misery ain't got nothing on me
because I'm in control
of me

Oh life is good
there's nobody listening
I think you should
oh life
is staring back at me
I just can't forgive what you've done
and it dosn't feel like
you even want to be my friend
it's over and done
but you can be mean
and you can be angry too

But you won't bring my Faith down


1998 OPM, 4-song EP
2003 Faithdown, Silence 4 song EP
2005 Faithdown, 10 song album (unreleased)