Her pulse is her beat – she lives it and breaths it every moment of her life. She is the beat-keepin’, booty-shakin’, noise-makin’, sick-breakin', skin-slappin FAITH.

Raised in a business-minded environment, where a career in music was as supported as a career in underwater-basket-weaving, Faith rebelled against her tyrannical family in the most appropriate way she could: she made hitting things sound good! Faith started her career as a percussionist at the age of six when she discovered that stomping and clapping along to her tantrums could sound pretty good! It was all down hill from there…

In school she started tapping and beat-boxing along to her teacher’s lessons. When she was ten years old, she built her first drum kit out of recycled pots and pans. By 16 she has busked in Ireland, England, New York and Toronto while drumming in her fourth band – Soma Riot: a poppy boy band. Recently she has performed with K-OS, DJ Lil’ Jazz (K-OS and Nelly Furtado), DJ Zara in FunkAsia, Funk in the Jungle, Mélissa Laveaux, Emma Wall, Mikki Bradshaw, Violet Static, Bang on Me, 3Tards, The Joys, Random Order and Fidget.

She is a dedicated musician/percussionist and is currently collaborating with local promoters to help sponsor and support local artistic talent. For everyone from musicians to break dancers to DJs and graffiti artists, Faith aims to give artists the exposure they deserve.


2005 - Uncertain Soul - So You Wanna Hear More? EP

2006 - Fidget - Don't Fidget Missy