Faith Gilmore

Faith Gilmore


A fusion of folk writing in stream of conscious conversational lyrics and an R&B soul flavor of vocal stylings. Honest music with depth and vocal sound full of heart and passion.


Faith Gilmore was born and raised in New Orleans (1978) listening to the sounds of Motown, the Mama’s and the Papa’s, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant, Stevie Wonder, and Mariah Carey. Faith sang her first solo in 2nd grade at a school play and then joined the Word of Faith Academy Concert Choir where she was taught theory, music composition, and ear training as early as sixth grade. Singing solos became a regular gig for Faith in both school and church venues. She competed among vocalists on the state level and placed superior ratings on different occasions. She was enlisted in a 5-person choral group at her church and sang the National anthem for 8,000 people at a New Orleans Zephyrs baseball game.
From 9th-11th grade, she became a student at an arts school which offered vocal classical music concentration called N.O.C.C.A. (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts). There, she gained extensive training in music history, composition, theory, and classical voice, in the wake of Harry Connick Jr. Though she had been dabbling in the art of songwriting since 3rd grade, the songs didn’t really begin to take shape until she attended Mississippi College, when she taught herself to play the guitar. She performed these songs at coffee shops near the college. While working on her degree in social work, she was part of a song and dance troupe. In that group, Faith was able to showcase her versatility in different musical genres, by soloing hits from many decades.
In 2001, she moved to Nashville and began co-writing and collaborating with other songwriters while working as a social worker at a women’s home full-time. She built up her repertoire of songs as well as her monetary savings to record her first full production album. She is preparing for that c.d. release and following performances. Faith’s style is a fusion of soul and acoustic folk similar in style to Sarah McLachlan, Dido, and India Arie. Faith wants her music to communicate truth and a raw transparency about life, with its ups and downs, and the why behind what we do.



Written By: Faith Gilmore & Billy Buchanan

Well, you’re tough aren’t you love
And no one can tear you up
‘Cause you’re hard and you’re cold
And no one can break your hold
There’s no tear for your eye
Such a casual disguise
There’s no room for your soul
You’re too strong to let it grow
Never crumble or reveal
You don’t crack and you don’t peel
You’re so calm and collected
So unaffected, by anything
You’re so numb, and disconnected
So unaffected, that’s how it seems

You’re the girl who never bends
Even when your world is caving in
People ask if you’re okay
You give a smirk and pull away
Gotta keep the upper hand
Even when you’re with your friends
Shut them down if they take
Another step inside your space
You don’t hurt and you don’t sting
You don’t fall for anything
You ain’t foolin no one
I see it written on your face
You’re crying out for someone to love you
Know you

U Tic, I tock

Written By: Faith Gilmore

U Tic, I Tock

U tic; I tock
U speed; I walk
U spend your love
Without a thought
I bite my lip
Before I take a plunge
We dance, we skip
Together, but
Be care full with my heart

This is the way U love
I can’t believe what you’re capable of
I want to see…the way U love

You’re quick; I’m late
U go; I stay
U pick and choose
Without debate
I mark my steps
With caution and delay
Things U said
Are lovely but
Be care full with my heart

U spin the block
I count the cost
U scale the tower
Before I start
U pull my hand
Before I change my mind
I want the plan
For safety so
Be care full with my heart

This is the way you love
I can’t believe what you’re capable of
I want to see…the way you love


Written By: Faith Gilmore


The kid is fresh out of luck
She’s feeling down and out
She’s fallen flat on her hip
She needs a turn about
The train has come off the track
Her belly on the ground
She’s got a crook in her path
The sky is fallin out

Oh, how her path’s uncertain
None of her plans are workin’
Where is the light for the end?

She needs your help
She needs Your hand
Oh, she needs an intervention
She needs your love
You understand
Oh, she needs an intervention

She’s had about all she’ll take
The road is bowin out
She’s movin every which way
But now she’s turned around
She’s giving You all her trust
She’s gonna take a chance
She’s only got but one
More penny in her hand

Oh, there’s a burning question
She’s looking for a lesson
Who’s gonna calm all the waves?



LP- Trip the Light

Set List

1. The Way You Love Me
2. If I Could
3. Keep On Moving
4.Catch Your Breath
5. Unaffected
6. U Tic, I Toc
7. I Can't Wait
8. Intervention
9. Pearl
11. Dawn
12. Night Will Fall