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Fallen Brother

Written By: FaithHopeLoveGrace

The Fallen Brother

(Sung by Brother)
Give me a reason
To live un-forgiven
Who could ever forget about,
A brotherhood stolen

That misunderstanding
And words left unspoken
Leave unanswered feelings
And promises broken

How did I mislead you
This pain that I feel
I must have misjudged you
Because this hurting is real

I searched my feelings
I searched my reasoning
How could you believe,
How could I've deceived you

Why did you feel you must fly
Without even saying goodbye

I've often wondered
What made us special
We shared the same table
We shared the same struggles

I've always watched you
And I’ve taken some for you
Now what about me,
What about me

Now that you've gone on,
The guilt that I hide,
Is a feeling that grows,
Grows deeper inside

Would you have been different,
If I was the one who
Tore a hole in your heart
Tore your life apart

(Sung by sister)
I don't deny it
But I won't regret it
We've always been special
You've always been here

But you're always the stronger
And I’m always the weaker,
I needed to learn,
I needed to fear

I only wanted
To be what you've inspired,
I thought you’d understand
You'd hold out your hand

Our paths are just different
And that’s the reason
That’s what life is
That's just how it is

I never wanted to fly
Without even saying goodbye
I'm sorry for the tears that you cry
I never wanted to fly

(Sung by brother)
God please forgive me
Please take this hurt from me

(Sung by sister)
I won't forget you
So please don't forget me
The seasons may change
But our memories

And now I'll be keeping
Now I'll be watching
On wings like a dove
Up here from above

Please keep on going
Don’t stop believing
That we'll meet up someday
Each day this I pray

I may have died, but
We’ll keep our commitments,
We'll cherish the memories,
Remember the moments

Notes: this song has an accompanying music video that tells the story. Please view the video – it will bring more sense to the message this song carries: