Soothing, rich, and organic. With the sweetness of Corinne Bailey Rae, the melodious sound of Bethany Dillon and the vividness of the Song of Songs, Faith brings scripture and Christianity to life in her original songs. Her unique voice captures the attention and her biblical lyrics point to Christ.


Faith Masego Chikwekwe started singing at the tender age of five. Since then, the mystery and wonder of music has never left her.
One of her best memories from elementary school was singing her first solo in, “A Song of Peace.” That was one of the first times she realized that when sung with passion, music had an effect. Not because she had any special power, but because God could manifest his power in music. While attending Adventist elementary schools and Pathfinder clubs, she learned more about the Jesus her parent’s knew. As she grew and developed her musical talent, she learned to kneel at Christ’s feet like Mary Magdalene had. Instead of a box of Alabaster, she laid her songs at His feet. She learned to sing from her mother, Ipeleng who unwittingly taught her to harmonize vocally around the age of nine. At the age of 15, she was a Southern Union Honor Choir Festival Soloist. She finished off high school with a National Choral Award at the age of 16.
She began writing songs while she was in high school, but became more serious about it while she was overseas serving as a Student Missionary in the Marshall Islands. The music that she writes and plays is much like her spiritual life: energetic and dynamic, but very true to her humanity in its description of her struggles, pains, and points of weariness. Her songs follow her through her spiritual journey by putting words to her mountaintop experiences and bringing a voice to her valleys. They comfort her when the devil seems to have the upper hand, yet bring her peace when she realizes God’s triumphant nature. Her music is her Christian struggle. Faith longs to reach out, as Christ did, and tell people that they don’t have to go through the struggle alone. There is One who has already taken the struggle for us all. As she whispers to the LORD in her original song, Fly, “You’re coming back to take us home/And like a bride that is waiting for her husband/We will fly…to Your throne, Holy King.”


So Wide--October 2012, Single, Independent