Faith Kleppinger

Faith Kleppinger

 New York City, New York, USA

Mellow, literary indie rock. Stomp and Stammer calls latest CD "No Galore" (Two Sheds Records) "an unassuming triumph, sharing with Chan Marshall's recent work a precarious, sleepy-eyed poetic beauty while reflecting a glimmer of the low-key feel of Yo La Tengo's later recordings."


Faith Kleppinger is a singer/songwriter who defies the “girl with guitar” stereotype, preferring electric guitar over acoustic; rock clubs over coffeehouses; and most importantly—she never, ever makes lyrics out of her journals from junior high school.

Her debut album, Asleep in the Well (Two Sheds Records, 2002) was recorded in Athens, Georgia with Dave Barbe (of Sugar) and was released to rave reviews and received airplay on some 200 college radio stations nationwide.

Kleppinger’s followup, No Galore (Two Sheds Records, 2004) was recorded in Bloomington, Indiana with local music heroes including Kenny Childers (Velo Deluxe, Mysteries of Life, Gentleman Caller) and Freda Love (Blake Babies, Some Girls) and was released to even better reviews, more radio play, and a six-week tour that she booked herself by finally breaking down and buying a cell phone.

Kleppinger began her musical career in Atlanta-based roots pop band Little Bobby Taylors and has been performing as a solo artist since 1997.

Kleppinger has shared the stage with the likes of Matt Pond PA, The Silos, David Dondero, Alejandro Escovedo, and Apples in Stereo. She also performed at the CMJ Music Marathon in 1999 and 2000 and the SXSW Music Festival in 2006.

She lives in New York City and sometimes plays shows as a duo with Konrad Meissner (The Silos, Girl Friday, Vitamin D, etc.) on drums.


"Pickup, Blue"

Written By: Faith Kleppinger

Crazy on cue
They said they needed some you
And thought of a connection then
A few steps away
And every third day
You were always pouring someone into your pickup, blue
Some things won’t change in spite of you
Did the big excavate
From seven to eight
I thought I had a witness then
Babylon, gray
And a hard holiday
With all the privacy of a postcard stamping feet on ground
Some things won’t stay inside of you

"Understudy Lines"

Written By: Faith Kleppinger

That little part of me you like
I threw it down the stairs last night
Took it gently by the hand
To scrub along with pots and pans
Believing that you’d be leaving
I limped along and looked around
Knowing where you’d be going
With no benefit of best-friend grins
No PhD, sit quietly
And try to memorize
All my understudy lines
Believing that you’d be leaving
I limped along and looked around
Knowing where you’d be going
Noting what to wrap in paper
For fear I would literally break

"City Three"

Written By: Faith Kleppinger

What I saw at the revolution
Didn't shake me at all
What I remember about your disposition
Has me tearing at, tearing at my skin
These dirty cities
They come in threes
When you are who you're around
You gotta keep the best company
Or else you hide and let them all down
Maybe that was you all along
What I found at the gates of Eden
Was Cain in disguise
I recall him being robbed and beaten
If my memory, memory serves me right
These dirty cities
They come in threes
And failing that you get passed around
Whittled down to more pleasing fare
You tell time to go to hell
You'll meet it there
Maybe that was you all along
Maybe that was you all along


Asleep in the Well (LP, Two Sheds 2002)
No Galore (LP, Two Sheds 2004)

Set List

Sets consist of 30 to 60 minutes of original material, with a sprinkling of witty banter and the occasional cover of Mecca Normal's "Throw Silver."