Faithless Saints

Faithless Saints


A frantic Bi-Polar blend of Punk,Ska, and Metal


The first time Robert Rios and Erik Benton played music together, it was an enthusiastic rendition of The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout.” That was when they were eight. Fifteen years later these life long best friends continue to rock out together, but now they’re in a punk band, Faithless Saints.

They formed the band in 2006 with the goal of doing what they love without compromise. Settling in Portland, Oregon, they eventually found guitarist, Drew Tran and drummer, Jake Mastrud. Playing plenty of shows up and down the West Coast, from downtown clubs to their friends' basements, Faithless Saints have created a stylistic mixture of punk, melodic hardcore, ska and folk rock. Their songs represent "the state of where we are today" says frontman Rios. With music as heartfelt and personal as it is critical and political, they put the problems of drunken 23 year olds in perspective while confronting the problems of the world. Rios’ introspective lyrics address a wide range of topics including politics, friendship, global warming, love, prejudice and riding bikes. Whether you are questioning society's standards or just woke up duct taped to a wheelchair, Faithless Saints provides great music.


Dynamite in Hand

Written By: Robert Rios

I’m Desperately waiting for my lungs to explode right out of my chest leaving my heart exposed for all to comment a critique at there will. This isn’t my guts but my heart that I spill.

Though the smoke and drunken stares I finally feel a sense of pride in who I am. I’ve got nothing to prove, don’t give a flying fuck if I should win or loose.

Well I’ll be ok. If I had a choice anyways. When Time grabs me by the wrist. I’ll be ready for the ride.. Whoa O

The nonsense I scream carries memories of friends. The one that you love are who’s important in the end. My soapbox this stage is welcome to all to get up and scream so let all sing along to the…

Times that we shared and the paths that we’ve taken and the bridges we’ve burned, was it all worth our time. I will accept what come my way but I’m taking the wheel. After all I’m not one who goes quietly. Whoa O

The songs that I sing at the top of my lungs daily gives me strength to just carry on. Life is a battle I don’t expect to win. I’m finally ok with the state that I’m in……
Armed with my Memories

from the back of the lunch line at school. We were like-minded losers who thought we were cool. Tails from the cement we sat on all night. Aspiring for more, but there was no end in sight. The girls that I fucked but never saw again. Short sighted romances we thought would not end. We thought we had nothing but we had it all. When reality rang we missed the call… But I’m quite happy with how we ended up.

Life’s far from permanent


Sweet Sacrilege EP

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