Faith of a Martyr

Faith of a Martyr


Bad Ass Dark Rock n Roll I'm a Vampire


Faith Of A Martyr was first conceived in late 2006 by vocalist and guitar player, Alex (Shaman) B. Jr. When approached about the band name, he simply said it came to him one night and has stuck in his mind ever since, it sounded good to say and conjured up interesting thoughts. Living in Toronto, within a huge music scene, it wasn\'t difficult for Alex to find band members. Enter Jared Rodgers (Jar E.No)who had been introduced through a mutual friend. An invite to rehearse in a recording space led to Jared becoming the second piece that fit the F.O.A.M sound puzzle. Jared\'s twisted sense of timing and unique rhythms matched perfectly with Alex\'s insane riffs and burning solos, their sound was heavy and raw, but it needed more low-end, more growl... Enter an anomoly by the name of Julian (JR). Ever intense, JR\'s quiet side is unnerving, because it hides a voice from hell which can suddenly leap out of him and peel the skin from his audience members\' faces. His musical tastes and styles with his lyrical compositions and viciousness with the microphone solidified JR as the third permanent member of the tribe that is Faith of a Martyr to this day. With the new edition of Bassist Tadd Collins who brings grit and determination as well as stage presence. Faith of a Martyr is ready to roll. The band is playing constantly and to name a few they\'ve recently played at venues such as Katacombes in Montreal, Mavericks Bar in Ottawa, Bar None in Kingston, Encore in Chatham, The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort in Panama City Florida, Club Absinthe and Corktown Tavern in Hamilton, and The Sound Academy / Bovine Sex Club / and Downsview Park in Toronto. Their first EP was recorded in late 2008 at Metalworks studios in Mississauga and select songs have been played on Mohawk Radio in Montreal and York University Radio in the Greater Toronto Area to mention just a couple. As the boys gear up for 2010, it looks like a busy time is ahead. They expect to be back in studio soon to continue to record new music with plans to saturate every ear on the planet with their dynamic, epic, eerie, awesome music. There has also been talk of crossing the border for longer periods of time to tour both sides of North America. From there, maybe go even further South,....or overseas...or both. Upcoming in the near future is a new demo and merch to be ready for the years end. From Faith Of A Martyr, you can expect bigger and better... literally. Thick power cords, heavy to heavier vocals, dark heart felt lyrics, and a dirty rythm section featuring our new bass player Tadd.... Look out world Faith Of A Martyr is coming to a city near you...

Faith Of A Martyr/F.O.A.M are members of SOCAN.


Dellusion- EP

Set List

Suicidal Wish
Death Lullaby
Prayer for the Wicked
Mr. Darkness