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Fake Believe


Fake Believe combines 80's synth pop, 90's alternative and today's current Indie rock to create a sound as unique and diverse as their influences. They are currently aggressively promoting their debut EP, Talk Speak, released in June of 2009.


Fake Believe is a Houston based quartet made up of ordinary, mildly disaffected suburbanites that play rock music. They are not speed metal, or thrash metal, or death metal. In fact, they are not metal at all.

Should you turn over the stones that lie somewhere between the melodic angst of Foo Fighters and the danceable synth/guitar interplay of INXS you may find the members of Fake Believe doing what they love best, writing passionate lyrics, memorable melodies and winning over audiences with powerful and soulful live performances.

The June 2009 independent release of their debut CD, Talk Speak EP, has not catapulted Fake Believe into worldwide fame and fortune. They do not regularly play to packed stadiums, nor will you find their music in commercials, major motion pictures, or primetime television. Talk Speak has, however, proven Fake Believe to be a band that still believes that it is “the song” that matters. Each of the five songs are well crafted in their wall-of-sound production, anthemic hooks, and anguished but cocky lyrics that tackle topics such as America’s runaway celebrity culture (Pornography) and the struggle to escape mediocrity (Card Homes).

While the self-discovery that came with the recording of Talk Speak EP was a challenging and thrilling time for the four members, it is the aggressive promotion where Fake Believe is truly at home. As performers, it is impossible to deny their passion. Ask any of their fans (affectionately dubbed as Fake Believers) what it is that draws them to the band and the response is almost universal: their songs, their presence, and their love of music. It is in these performances that they strive to build their reputation, one convert at a time.

Talk Speak EP is available for purchase at iTunes, CDBaby, and DigStation, but it is in the live shows where Fake Believe is truly experienced. It is there that their imagination becomes realization, where their message is understood, and there that you too may believe.


Talk Speak EP (June 2009)

Set List

Fake Believe's set list is typically 45 minutes to an hour of original music.
Fake Believe also frequently performs 30-45 minute acoustic sets.