Fake Canoe

Fake Canoe



As flash-in-the-pan pseudo cover bands regurgitate their rock fashionista-dictated record collections, all mirror-on-mirror mimicry slapped with an amped-up beat and record deals free with proof of Brooklyn address, and the unlistenably hip flaunt recordings as tedious to listen to as their glowing, footnoted reviews are to read, as the world seems to be devouring itself in a contagious idiocy, Fake Canoe take the stage at the Forksville Inn in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.
Sullivan County, a serene, gorgeous, dirt poor expanse populated with rednecks, hippies, moneyed tourists, and just one stoplight, is where the three members of the band first met while in school, and as they take the stage—a cleared away corner in the stained-wood, cabinesque interior, with a black bear pelt hanging behind an amplifier and a portrait of Tim McGraw made by a high school student gazing from the opposing wall—they are greeted and boisterously cheered by a packed crowd. Friends and family, teenaged to middle-aged, grizzled regulars, hipsters from hours away, someone who stopped mid-sentence of a story about having been beaten mercilessly with a crowbar in a fight the week before in order to applaud the band—surely a more varied and real crowd than indie rock is used to, no bespectacled ocean of scarves to become unanimous in—yet all enthusiastic, cheering and singing along.


The Brookline EP
Fake Canoe- self titled full-length album

Set List

1hr: 30 min, worth of original material

Last Ambition
Remote Control
Empty Your Pockets
Things I want
Laffy Wolf
Short Stories
Black Tie Party
Lord Catamount
Heaven of Sorts
Rewrite the Bible/Big red ribbon
Jared and Allen
To: Art
Tokyo Queen