Fake Gimms

Fake Gimms


Fake Gimms solves the drought that plagues mainstream rock radio. Their music is well-versed, edgy, memorable and melodic, integrating an intense sonic union of rhythmic groove-rock arrangements and harmonious vocal brilliance.


The New Jersey based quartet settled into several home recording studios to self-produce what has now in 2007 been released as "Vivamus Metus," the group's first full length album. The first single "The Cell Phone Song," found on Fake Gimms' recent EP samplers and which has also been played over 20 thousand times by fans worldwide on mySpace, serves up a powerful listening experience in the vein of Muse, Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age, sewn into an extraordinarily tight arrangement that most accurately exemplifies the style of Fake Gimms.

Driven by natural talent and unbending determination, Fake Gimms' accessible sound has already begun to propel them deep into the hearts and ears of rock fans that still have hope that a new band can have something true to offer. They have harnessed tools such as mySpace, GarageBand, and tireless self promotion through their website to spread their sound around the world and to as many people as independently possible. The fresh spirit that is encapsulated in their sound is one that resonates easily and grips immediately, as is proven by the growing numbers of listeners, fans and contacts. Fake Gimms' mission is to provide a fresh contribution to a rock genre victimized by a vicious cycle of retro-revivals and two-hit wonders, and they continue to persue their goal with feverish dedication. To kick off their soon to happen 2007 tour they played a spot at the Bamboozle Festival 2007.


"Vivamus Metus" 2007

Set List

Ready to play an hour set, or less, of all originals, including every song on the album, minus 2, and a slew of new and old material.