Fake Places

Fake Places

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Chillwave indie pop. Big sound. Heavy keyboards, sweet/sad vocals and layers upon layers of guitars and drums dominate the son-of-Rogue Wave sound profile. Delivered live as a pop-heavy electro powerhouse. MGMT & Postal Service comparisons are unavoidable. Feat. GAYNGS + Haley Bonar members live!


Another match made in cyberspace. It started with Garrett Neal's Craigslist post looking for any TV On The Radio and Minus The Bear fans in the Twin Cities with a need to create; Joe Winterer (an local bassist at the time) became the messages sole responder. Upon meeting, they came to an agreement to produce a record based on shared influences while remaining rooted in Winterers original concept, a decadent psych-pop band called Fake Places.

These strangers then took to the attic of a 19th century Victorian manor near downtown Minneapolis and launched into a 5 month creative period that would ultimately spawn the basic tracks for their debut LP "This Vision Is A Trick". Also, a period that ended with the relocation of Garrett Neal back to his native Baltimore. Cross-continental communications and multiple studio sessions between Minneapolis and Baltimore would ultimately lead the studio-based duo to a finished product, and an introduction to a live stage.

Two years after the initial collaboration between the pair, they are reunited in Minneapolis to develop not only as a continued studio presence, but also as a crossover live act in the months and years to come. Guitarist Jake Hanson (Halloween Alaska, Haley Bonar), lap steelist Shon Troth (GAYNGS, Solid Gold) and drummer Matt Johnson (The Future, Me and My Arrow) will be joining them on stage for appearances in 2010 and beyond.


"This Vision Is A Trick" LP
released May of 2010