Fake Problems

Fake Problems


Handsome indie pop connoisseurs performing witty and intelligent rock & roll music with undertones of folk and electronica. Fake Problems goal has been, and always will be, to dedicate our lives to art without compromising our beliefs.


Fake Problems is a high energy rock & roll outfit from south Florida (formed back in 2003). They've been touring relentlessly in effort to promote themselves as influencial members of the music and art communities.


My First Million

Written By: Fake Problems

You barely caught me, c'mon and catch me, you know you don't look so good lately. I'll make a million in advertising by advertising your unsurprising defeat.

I'm sick of sufferin' through your boring stories but in all my glory I'm pullin' through-oo-oo. Wait a second girl, who is driving? I'm way too tired to open my...

I fell in love with a girl who laughs everytime I look at her. I'm not sure how it happened, but my first reaction was the same as yours. It was new, yeah it was cute at first.

I woke up last night and my nose was bleeding, I think I'm dying.



Written By: Fake Problems

It's the fourth of July and I'm wasting my time outside today, some friends are over and they're slurring their words in such a charming way.

Balloons overhead, they went out to get food, they'll be gone for hours. Some kids just showed up and they're bearing a cake that says "Let Freedom Ring!"

Can you hear it ring? Is this all we've done with it? We have stepped over god because he just gets in the way.

The lights that explode above our heads sound like rifles, there are kids my age across the world laying lifeless.


Spurs & Spokes 7" (Sabot - 2006)
Watching The Bull Get The Matador (2005)
Fake Problems/Sedona Split (2005)
Oh No! (2004)
Fake Problems/Any Day Now Split (2003)

Set List

Enough original material for 1 hour.