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"Figments Review"

One trend that has existed in the music industry for decades and decades is the phenomenon of labeling. Fans, critics and those in the music business often get caught up in classifying bands and artists in different genres or styles of music. Within the realm of what we would refer to as “rock music,” the amount of sub genres that now exist is staggering and immeasurable. There’s hard rock, there’s metal, hardcore, metalcore, industrial, punk, emo and so, so many more. Despite our best efforts to give every band and sound a label, there are also those few artists who transcend different styles and resist getting tagged by the music industry. One such group is Toronto’s own Fake Reality, a band composed of four young guys in their early twenties who write music that transcend many different styles. After a lengthy delay, the guys are finally set to release the follow up to their 2002 self-titled EP, the brand new, eight track Figments, a solid follow up to a very respectable debut.

Figments gets going with the quick and fast paced “Tragic Helpless Romantic.” The song jumps right out at you with some very intense guitar work before jumping right into a simple but catchy melody and chorus. The riff on the track is very catchy although the lyrics could use slightly more fine tuning. Track two “Deeper Further” also happens to be the first single from Figments. It begins with a soft piano intro before nicely settling into another catchy guitar riff. Lead singer Mike Soragnese really shines on this particular song, his lyric work is great and the band has crafted another great melody.

The next song “Maegan’s Gift” takes the aggression down a notch and puts on display some excellent and innovative guitar work. Track four “Indirect” gets back to the grinding and fast paced guitars of track one. Soragnese sounds oddly very similar to Three Days Grace’s frontman Adam Gontier on this song, a sure sign of his positive vocal development. Track five “The Jazz” is just a half minute filler track, although it features a cool little riff which sounds like it could have been made into a killer song.

The following song “Blow” was actually previously featured on the band’s debut EP, but it happens to fit in quite well on Figments. The song might be the softest and most introspective song on the disc and it features some exceptional piano work that blends very well with the guitars and drums. “Negative Associations” alternates between heavy and soft parts and in terms of musicianship, it’s probably the best track on Figments. Finally, the EP ends with the song “Pilot Seasons.” This would probably be my least favorite track on the whole EP even though there’s nothing particularly bad about the song, it just doesn’t flow as well as the other songs.

Fake Reality has really brought their A game on Figments. The maturation and progression of the band is on full display on this disc and the songwriting has hit a whole new level. Credit should also go to producer Flavio Monopoli and engineer Michael Landolt who have produced a very crisp sounding CD for an indie release. If Figments is any indication, Fake Reality look like they’re onto big things for the future. - Aaron Willschick(www.puregrainaudio.com)

"Fake Reality Buzz Article"

What’s in a band name? Although it’s open to interpretation about how likable a band name is let’s be honest, there are some great ones and some downright silly ones. Even though they might not yet be known to huge amounts of hard and alternative rock fans, the band carrying the name Fake Reality would certainly fall under the great band name category. Fake Reality is a band consisting of four young guys from the Toronto, Ontario area who all grew up on a steady dose of alternative rock and metal music. And despite the fact that all the members of the group are still in their early twenties, these guys have been playing together, honing their skills as a band for now close to a full decade.

Although Fake Reality has existed as a band for quite some time now, things didn’t start to really get going for the band until around the turn of the century. The members, Mike, Justin, John and Nick, finally started to write full fledged songs and in turn began to home record some tracks. The band released a few home recorded singles and demos which resulted in some positive feedback for the four members. Soon Fake Reality was gaining fans one by one and after a lot of hard work, the guys set out to record their first proper EP. The self-titled EP was released in 2002 and received some very good reactions. The release of the EP combined with a lot of live shows resulted in not only an increase in their fan base, but also opening slots for bands such as Finger Eleven, American Hi-Fi and Econoline Crush.

Even though the group’s EP fared quite well for an independent release, it has been quite some time since fans of Fake Reality have been graced with some brand new music from the band. After some slight delays, the band is finally back for 2007 with a brand new eight song EP titled Figments. Staying consistent with the whole imagined reality theme, Figments is Fake Reality’s most complete and focused work to date. One of the most striking characteristics of the new EP is the musical maturity that the band members have gone through since their last EP.

The previous self-titled EP was recorded while the guys were still in their late teens. Now over four years later, it’s evident that the talent and musical cohesion of the group has risen to a whole new level as there is a noticeable maturity in the music and even the lyric writing. On Figments, Fake Reality enlisted the help of producer Flavio Monopoli who has worked with several Canadian indie artists, and they were also graced with the engineering expertise of Michael Landolt who has worked with such hit groups as Maroon 5 and the Spin Doctors. Thanks to both Landolt and Monopoli, Figments sounds crisper, cleaner and more professional than anything Fake Reality has ever produced.

Now with their new EP and the growth and maturity they have experienced as a band, Fake Reality is back and ready to take Canada by storm. The band is currently in the midst of planning for a hectic year of touring and promotion for Figments, playing whenever and wherever they can, or are allowed to. If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting Canadian new rock then be sure to check out Figments and Fake Reality. - Aaron Willschick(www.puregrainaudio.com)

"Vaughan band keeps it real"

You are probably wondering about this band’s name — Fake Reality.

Lead singer Michael Soragnese provides the answer.

The band has been together about a decade and the name is a remnant of their younger years. The musicians continue to find meaning in the name Fake Reality.

“The band exists in this fake realm. It is what the fan or audience perceives as real. It is fake, fabricated. They only see what they are shown. A band exists within a fake reality of the entertainment industry,” he said.

Fake Reality has three members: lead singer Mr. Soragnese; bass player John Bagnarol; and guitarist Justin Daros. Mr. Soragnese and Mr. Bagnarol live in Woodbridge, while Mr. Daros lives in North York.

Mr. Daros and Mr. Soragnese have been in the band since they were 11 years old.

Their CD Figments, the band’s first professional release, came out in February. One of the band’s goals was to ensure this new recording was diverse.

“We have metal roots. We never stick to one thing. We’re trying to cross genres. Every song has a different feel or emotion,” Mr. Soragnese said.

The musicians wrote 24 songs and selected seven for the album.

They hope to sell 50 million records, Mr. Soragnese said as he laughed.

“We want to stay real, true. We want to make music that makes us happy.”


Fake Reality lead singer and Woodbridge resident Michael Soragnese waxes poetic.

Biggest influence: Nirvana and The Beatles. They are both huge pop icons. They are very radio-friendly bands.

How would you describe your music: I would describe it as something that breathes, has a life of its own. Each song has its own individualism.

On the music scene in York Region: It is not as predominant as in Toronto. It is hard to find something going on here.

What’s new: The band is touring parts of Canada from Thunder Bay to Montreal. The tour started mid-June and continues to August.

Look out for this gig: June 28 at Hollywood on the Queensway. Go to 1184 The Queensway (Between Islington & Hwy. 427) in Toronto. Cost is $2.

Music category: The singer is reluctant to pigeonhole the band into one category. Their sound is a mix of alternative, pop and rock.

On reality TV shows (specifically the ones that aim to create the next superstar band, such as Rockstar: Supernova): Reality TV, in general, is a cost-effective way to produce and make money by exploiting the people on the shows.

For more information: Go to www.fakereality.net or www.myspace.com/fakereality

While the band has not hit the big time yet, Fake Reality has been around for 10 years and has learned much about the industry. Here is Mr. Soragnese’s top 5 tips for success:

1. Keep your head up. Be persistent.

2. Believe in what you are doing. Don’t stray from your original beliefs.

3. Pay attention to everyone around you and everything going on around you because you want to be aware while you are on stage and in the business, so that you don’t lose track of what is going on in the band.

4. Because it is a business, you have got to hustle. You have got to work hard and be busy and be persuasive.

5. If you are not having fun, stop. If you are not having fun, it is not worth it.
- Simone Joseph/Vaughan Citizen

"Very real sound for Fake Reality"

Lindsay is on the map as a possible destination for Toronto-based band Fake Reality, who will be touring Ontario this summer promoting their newest CD, Figments.

Fake Reality is a cohesive band made up of four young men, who know the exact notes to tempt fans to head band to every beat.

Offering local music enthusiasts the chance to experience some of the freshest sounds in music today, Figments overflows with powerful original riffs with distinctive and raw vocals.

Mike Soragnese(vocals), John Bagnarol(bass) and Justin Daros(guitar) have been creating music together for over ten years.

Fake Reality has been generating some buzz in the music scenes with the accomplishments of opening for top rock bands in music today including Finger Eleven, American HiFi and Rumsfield. The release of their second CD is yet another great accomplishment for the guys.

Over and over again this band proves that they aren't just the icing, but the whole cake. With so much of the music industry focused on looks, Fake Reality proves that they have the product to back up their looks.

The band has progressed with their music over the years, adding to their alternative rock/post hardcore sound un-intentionally with more of a pop sound, trying to distance themselves from music today that sounds like everyone else.

Fake Reality has matured since their first self-titled CD, also known as the Red album, which shows in their writing on this record. With each song meaning something different and unique to each person's interpretation, all of their songs tend to portray a positive message that seems to prevail over some negative circumstances.

It will be a band you won't want to miss, promising an energetic show. For more information on the band and their Ontario tour, visit Fake Reality at www.fakereality.net or at www.myspace.com/fakereality - Stephanie Couture/Lindsay Post

"Fake Reality Finds Oshawa Drummer"

An Oshawa drummer is beating a new course with band Fake Reality.

Luke van den Kroonenberg was the latest addition to a decade old band that has finally found its formula for making music.

"Everyone pretty much covers their own end", says Mike Soragnese, vocalist for the Toronto-based rock band.

And the tried-and-true method didn't fail them this time around, as the band members celebrate the release of their first studio album, Figments, which they're set to promote with tour across Ontario and Quebec.

The foundation of Fake Reality began when Soragnese, who also takes his turn at the guitar and piano, was in elementary school and started making music with fellow guitarist Justin Daros.

In high school, the two teamed up with bassist John Bagnarol.

Oshawa's van den Kroonenberg was added on drums three months ago after meeting the band's producer at a drum clinic.

"They're just an awsome buncj of guys", says van den Kroonenberg, adding he was a fan of the band's music the moment he heard it.

While Soragnese pens the lyrics, his band mates write their own part, adding up to a collaboration that has spawned two previous CD's and lead up to the creation of Figments.

"We're just really impressed with it", says Soragnese of the album, which spent eight months in pre-production and saw 26 potential songs whittled down to a track list of eight.

"They don't come from the same emotion", he says of the songs, which offer fans a mixture of rock 'n roll, alternative and pop tunes.

Now the band is preparing to test their music on a new fan base, one reaching further than Toronto's city limits.

Tour dates have yet to be announced but information about Fake Reality can be found on their website at www.fakereality.net - Jessica Verge/Oshawa Express

"Sweet Reality"

I would like to draw your attention to a new band on the scene. Fake Reality are in their early twenties, but its members have been playing together for half their lives, and you can't buy that synergy. The Toronto trio are set to rip it up at the Metal Bar, 1305 Dundas St. W., tonight. Their energetic, straight-ahead rock, with a hint of grunge, is packaged in their debut CD offering, "Figments." Check them out at myspace.com/fakereality and go support this new, promising band. Other local acts on the bill: acoustic pop rockers Lucid Dreams, electronic rockers Red Roses Black and Garett Titus. Show 9 p.m., Fake Reality 11 p.m. For more information call 647-436-0679 - Jennifer Bill/Toronto 24HRS


Figments EP © 2007
Fake Reality EP © 2002



They’re all in their early twenties, but the members of Fake Reality have been playing together for half their lives, and it shows in this cohesive and powerful CD. It’s one of the freshest offerings in a while – pure energy filtered through the psyches of three young men: lead singer Mike Soragnese, guitarist Justin Daros, and bass player John Bagnarol.

True to their name, Fake Reality have produced a compelling collection of tension-filled tunes; alternatively delicate and abrasive, introspective and wildly energetic. Listen for tracks like INDIRECT - an angry and energetic product of their conflicted world. By contrast, the trippy Negative Associations is distinguished by its vocal harmonies and eerie subtext. Also present are producer Flavio Monopoli’s trademark detailing and Michael Landolt’s lavish mix – artful additions that differentiate this offering from the norm.