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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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"Entertainment Weekly"

#803 Jan 28, 2005

"The marvelousy dreamy Falcon have conjured up "Dry Land", a Flaming Lips-esque ditty written by a precocious junior high friend of the band who tragically passed away at age 14." - Download This!


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ยท Falcon, the band with world's most complicated backstory perform at Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint, Brooklyn tonight at 11pm. $5 [Tommy's Tavern] - www.Gawker.com


Dry Land EP
O'Great Rosenfeld (book/cd collaboration with author, Daniel Wallace [Big Fish]).
Falcon (self titled)
Falcon (EP)




How many bands form with a finite amount of material? Really, think about it. How many bands form knowing, from the start, what the songs already are, and that there will never be another one? It's a problem tribute bands must often face. But what if the tribute band's songs have never even been heard before?

Enter Falcon.
Falcon is not a tribute band.
Falcon plays all new material.
But... Falcon will never write another song. In fact, they never have.

Let me explain. Every Falcon song has already been written by the band's namesake, Jared Falcon. However, Mr. Falcon is not in the band.

From 1986-88, Jared Falcon attended Petaluma Junior High in Petaluma, Ca.. He played baritone sax in the orchestra and did not do particularly well in school. However, he was a songwriting prodigy, writing close to a song a day and recording each onto a Fisher Price tape recorder. This practice started in January 1987 and ended, 336 songs later, in February 1988, when Mr. Falcon died mysteriously at age fourteen.

Luckily for us, however, Jared Falcon's classmates from Petaluma Junior High, Shannon Ferguson and Neil Rosen, have since found those tapes. Both now living in New York City, Neil and Shannon have finally formed the band that will bring these amazing songs to life. Neil (vocals, guitar) and Shannon, who also plays guitar with New York band Longwave (RCA), recruited local drummer Nic Brown (Ben Lee, Ezster Balint, Skeleton Key) and keyboardist Jeff Wiens (Strikes Again!, SOS: Sense Of Sound) to form Falcon in the winter of 2003.

"It was easy once they heard the songs," Rosen said of finding band members who hadn't grown up with Jared. "The material really speaks for itself. The other guys were excited about it before I even told them the story behind the songs."

Jared Falcon's dusty pile of cassettes was discovered by Ferguson while helping Mrs. Falcon, still a family friend, to clean out a storage space in Petaluma.

"It took me about two seconds to realize I'd found something special," Ferguson said of his first listen.

Surprisingly contemporary while simultaneously alien, it seems impossible for the material to have come from the mind of a fourteen year old.

"A lot of the songs are about animals. And many don't have what one might conventionally think of as a chorus, or the standard pop structure," Rosen says about the songs, some of which are barely two minutes long, "but once we arrange [the songs] and bring them to life, they really work. Songs this good have a life of their own."

Determined not be too precious with the material, Falcon has taken the fragile recordings of a deceased boy with an acoustic guitar and transformed them into fully realized, often epic arrangements. To say the songs "really work" is a rather massive understatement on Rosen's part.

"Look. We've only really worked up about twenty songs," Rosen says. "That leaves more than three hundred, you know. I'm not particularly worried about running out anytime soon."