The sexiest and most honest synth-pop power trio around.


Falconhawk is Kara Keith (Earthquake Pills) on vocals/keyboard, Dave Alcock (Chixdiggit) on drums, and Steve Elaschuk (Wagbeard) on bass. A power trio without the guitar, Falconhawk turned heads across the country on the strength of their debut album “Hotmouth”, which spent 10 weeks on the Canadian campus/community radio Top 50 in the spring of 2004. "Hotmouth" is a unique take on synthesizer-based pop music that has songwriter singer Kara Keith sounding like Marianne Faithful meets Nico while pounding her keyboard like The Stranglers meets Schubert.
FH followed up "Hotmouth" with "Here's Your Ghost", which replicate its precedecessor's Canadian chart success in the spring of 2005. The 'morning after' to "Hotmouth’s" 'night before', "Here’s Your Ghost" explores the self-confessional, self-searching questions we all encounter in our existence as a ghost inside a shell. The resulting imagery is both ephemeral and ethereal, lingering long after the audible music has faded.


Here's Your Ghost (2005, Saved By Radio)
-reached #13 on Canadian campus/community radi Top 50

Hotmouth (2004, Saved By Radio/Catch And Release)
-reached #8 on Canadian campus/community radio charts

"I Don't Know How To Fix The Damn Thing Blues", BYOP (Bring Your Own Plywood): Calgary Does Connors (2003, Saved By Radio/Catch And Release)