Falcon Heights
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Falcon Heights

St Paul, Minnesota, United States

St Paul, Minnesota, United States
Alternative Singer/Songwriter




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About Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights is a band consisting of Minnesota based producer and singer/songwriter Justin Buck. Falcon Heights’ music is defined by its catchy pop hooks, soaring vocals, and deeply poetic lyrics. Throw in a splash of ambient sounds and electro-pop beats and you have a sound uniquely Justin Buck.

Falcon Heights is a musical endeavor that has been years in the making. Justin Buck began his musical career back in the early 2000s with his first band SomeOne Else. The band's hit My Destiny was enjoyed by all 4 members of the band, and their 1 super fan. It was the epic combination of My Destiny and SomeOne Else's cover of Carl Douglas' anthemic Kung Fu Fighting that launched the band into St Paul suburban high school talent show winning stardom. SomeOne Else was unable to sustain this mediocre level of success and disbanded shortly after. Buck continued on with a solo venture for the majority of the 2000s finding some local success; but mostly taking time for his academic pursuits at the University of Minnesota. It was during this time that he launched a solo project under the moniker of Providence Lost. The project seriously impressed Buck's mom, but failed to resonate with a larger audience. "It is always interesting to look back on past work," says Buck, "Providence Lost was a failed idea, but without that project I wouldn't have a number of Falcon Heights' songs. I can trace melodic ideas back to songs I wrote for Providence Lost, and even back to SomeOne Else."

Though inspiration can be traced back earlier in the decade, the creation of Falcon Heights was ultimately the result of several events occurring in the year 2009. September of 2009 marked the beginning of Justin's 3 year tenure at McNally Smith College of Music in St Paul, Minnesota. New beginnings would meet bitter endings as 2009 culminated with the breaking of what would prove to be an emotionally traumatic relationship that Buck found himself involved in. He describes his experience, "2010 ended up being one of the most painful years of my life. The fall out following the end of this particular relationship scarred me in ways that took years to recover from. I reacted by burying myself in my music. I resurrected old song ideas and gave them new life. I lived in the studio and crafted my skills. I was emotionally scarred, but I had a new found purpose."

The end result was his debut album Illusions & Chimeras (Wait & Hope). The album is the story of Buck's experience as he picked up the pieces of himself. To Buck it became more than that, "I want to use my experience to help others. I felt locked in a prison in my mind. I didn't know how to deal with what I was feeling until I wrote about it. Writing my music allowed me to rationalize my emotions, and ultimately find myself again. I was able to sift through the shame and embarrassment and realize that there was nothing wrong with me for feeling the way I did. I truly believe this. There is nothing wrong with someone who admits their feelings and emotions. I measure that person by the way they react. I went through an emotional hell, made ever worse by the realization that much of it was self-induced. I don't regret any of it. I am a better person because I dealt with what I was going through, and without this experience there would be no Falcon Heights. I want to show people that there is always a way out, no matter what you are feeling; and you may just come out on the other side a better person."

Justin plans to donate a portion of the profits from Illusions & Chimeras (Wait & Hope) to non-profit organizations that work with people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. He hopes that he can eventually do more, but every journey begins with a first step. Learn more about Justin Buck on his website JustinBuckMusic.com.

About Illusions & Chimeras (Wait & Hope)

Illusions & Chimeras was written and produced by Justin Buck following a difficult and traumatic breakup he went through. Inspired by the past and catalyzed by heartache, Illusions & Chimeras (Wait & Hope) stems from a pair of Alexandre Dumas quotes and tells the emotional story of “a time in my life in which love finally lost, and I questioned it’s very existence.” The album weaves together pieces of classic literature with themes of love and loss; but ultimately is the record of one man’s emotional journey to pick up the remains of himself.

This is the first full-length album from Falcon Heights. The album was produced and engineered by Buck and features performances by Justin Buck and friends: Nick Lasky (bass), Ryan House (drums), Nick Leners (bass), David Sutton (strings), Erin Schwab (vox), and Shon Parker (vox). Also shout outs to a great vocal ensemble featuring Whitney Pitz, Nathaniel Buck, Tim Bildsten, Matt Haedicke, Brett Larson, Sondra Larson, Sarah White, and Jaron Paige.

Though Falcon Heights is relatively new to the scene and fairly unknown, the band has been gett