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The band Falkor has been around, in concept, for a very long time. As a tangible group of musicians though, its a project that is still very young, but evolving rapidly. All four members have been together for only about eight months. Before that the band was really just a concept and a few sketchy recordings lead guitarist and clean vocalist Stephen Temple had created with the bands other guitarist and screamer, Bryce Jenks. According to Stephen, "The first song we ever wrote, and still play, was one that I had written just as an experiment to try and combine a lot of ambient sounds with the music I was wanting to bring out and it turned into song that we still play, and probably will play for a while." After laying down a very rough version of their first song, the band decided that they wanted to keep a bit of light-heartedness to their set and started working on a few covers of some bigger artists, such as Katy Perry.
"We feel like keeping some fun covers thrown into the set can help make a show more interesting and lets us connect with people more."
Drawing influence from multiple genres and artists, Falkor has created a sound that sits somewhere between hard rock bands like Deftones and Underoath, and more hardcore metal bands such as Haste The Day and The Devil Wears Prada. While their sound is similar to something you'd hear if members of the aforementioned bands were to create something together, Falkor draws from plethora of bands in all sorts of rock sub-genres.
After a lot of discussion about direction and sound, the band decided to pursue elements of the Fantasy Metal genre, only, a little differently than most. Instead of taking stories straight from myths alone, or concepts and universes within the fictitious and fantasy genres of books and movies, they decided to focus in on the actual stories them selves; writing stories within stories. As one member puts it "We take the story presented, and then think 'I wonder what would have been going on in this person's head' or 'I wonder what these events were like from this character's point of view'. Essentially we re-write a story, without changing the events, trying to keep true to the original work, but also attempting to add more insight or emotion to what happened. Its a really fun and different way to create."
Even though Falkor is still in its beginning stages, they're moving fast and quickly figuring out what works for them, what doesn't, and what they need to do to stand out among the countless other bands in their area; not to out do them, but work with them and get the music community to a better spot then where its at.
"We just want to hang out with people here in Eugene and play music. Its all about having fun for us and showing people something a little different from the rest of what's going on locally and getting everyone moving forward."