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The best kept secret in music


"Fall Away Facade Aims to Break Through False Images"


Familiar with the sounds of Lifehouse, Creed, The Juliana Theory and Collective Soul? If you're the kind of person who likes to hear variety in music, go to concerts and watch local bands get big, you're in the right place. This new band, Fall Away Façade, just released its first CD, "Miss You Two," and has played at places such as The Zone (Yakima), Club Impact (Tacoma), Power 101.9 (Spokane) and Grand Coulee's Laser Show. Fall Away Façade has been together since 2001 and consists of five male members. These guys are anything but "boy band" and not what you would call "the norm." They're definitely original, and sound awesome. They have played with other local bands you may know, such as Cars of the Future, Blue Mouse Theater and Soma. Lead guitarist Shane Scheib says the group motto is to "lose the Façade and be yourself - let God's light shine through in all you do."

Scheib says God is using the band's music and love for him to share the word by "just hanging out with people, talking to friends of friends. People can just see that we have fun while living a life for God. If you are living a life filled with Christ, then there should be no Façade - we are what you see." The mission of Fall Away Façade is to "further the kingdom of light by glorifying God through music, and (we) also hope to someday land a multitrillion dollar record deal with Mega-Super-Gigantic-Big Records," says Scheib. Right now, they work out of Ellensburg, where the group of high school and college students continues school - and practice, practice, practice. The group travels together (even as far as Canada) to do Bible studies.

Façade's CD, "Miss You Two," includes rock music - minus any profanity, degrading comments or suggestive ideas. The music portrays life as we know it - problems and all - but explains how life is different when you have God by your side.One of my favorites is titled "In Circles." It depicts God's mercy, how he is always there, even when we feel like we are going around and around - through loops and loops.
Some of the lyrics go: "Caught in circles, I'm lookin' for my chance to find my way/ Searching for the answers and looking up and finding you, and finding you/ And I am scared of losing you - and I know I, I will make it through ... I sit around and I wait - you're the only thing I need/ I sit and feel the way I do, I don't know, but I look to you."

These guys aren't what you would call "Bible thumpers." They actually don't promote religion either. They believe in "a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ," says Scheib. Another great tune, and Fall Away Façade's favorite, is "To Reach You." "(It is our favorite) because it has a little bit of everything and it's got the funk," said bass guitarist Dom Matlock, a high school senior. Two contributions Matlock makes to the band is his ability to do "various voices" and his unique performance attire ... once even wearing a cheerleading skirt. "To Reach You" is loud, and has a great beat - and unlike lots of heavy rock, you can hear the words: "Hypocrisy is driving you away/ Not everyone will be that way/ And everything to you is just a phase, does this mean the end to your faith ... I will do anything I can to be true, am I invisible to you, I get down on my knees and pray for you." Looks to me like one brother in Christ looking out for another - one that is struggling, confused ... the other, asking the Lord to help his friend. I can't tell you enough how great it is to hear positive lyrics, awesome music - and these guys are on fire for God, loving life, and they're super funny. These fellas are definitely on their way to landing a "mega-super-gigantic-big record deal."

The CD can be purchased at Off the Record (Yakima), Hastings (Moses Lake), The Mustard Seed (Ellensburg), Boogie Man Music (Ellensburg) and Rodeo Records (Ellensburg) - Yakima Herald Republic

"Band Believes With a Beat"

Ellensburg band Fall Away Facade fuses rock and Christianity in life and music.
Fall Away Facade has gone through a few line-up changes since its formation in the summer of 2001. Its current members are Dominic Matlock, 18, bass guitar, Joel Ratcliff, 18, rhythm guitar, Shane Scheib, 21, lead guitar, J.D. Foster, 22, drums and Chris Horrocks, 24, acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Scheib and Matlock are original members.
Past members have left the group to pursue college educations and participate in worship ministry.
Scheib created the band's name, which basically means the falling away of a deceptive appearance or of hypocrisy. The logo is two F's back-to-back which
"kinda looks like a mask," Matlock said.
Fall Away Facade prac-tices Tuesday and Friday of each week in a home studio.
"We just usually run through our set and work on new stuff," Matlock said.
After 10 p.m. practice ends and the group hangs but with friends who should happen to stop by to watch and listen.
Sometimes during practices the band will have a song writing session. The band said songs are written somewhat collectively. Someone will come up with a basic idea and then it is added to and pieced together. Ratcliff said he mostly works on chord structures and musical aspects, and Matlock has a way with lyrics. Scheib said, though, often whoever originally wrote the song will write the lyrics. Horrocks also writes lyrics and helps with vocal melodies and harmonies.
The original band including Matt Fevergeon, Dusty Bolyard and Clayton Visker, played its first show in September of 2001 at a birthday party. Matlock said the show "was good," and, with a laugh, that they've improved a lot since then.
Since then, Fall Away Facade has played numerous shows around Washington and Oregon. The guys load up their vehicles with people and equipment and hit the road. The farthest travel was to Sweet Home, Ore. Matlock said
right now they are "at a slow down," but at times have a show every other week. Their next performance will be next Saturday at the 2003 Community Celebration in Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park.
His favorite show was at Whitworth College because of a good turnout and crowd response. This was Scheib's choice also. Horrocks liked the Whitworth show because "it was a good venue." Ratcliff, a member since March, liked the Sweet Home show at Camp Attitude citing a "great environment." Foster liked their show at Rock Park Coffee in Ephrata.
"It was a really neat venue," Foster said. "It looked like an older coffee house."
Horrocks said their stage show goes well. Matlock adds, "we can always improve on that."
"We all play off of each
other," Horrocks said.
Horrocks said the band provides comic relief between songs and have often made some real connections with the crowd.
Each member has his own musical influences which contribute to the band's sound. Matlock said he likes 80s rock bands such as Def Leopard and Journey. Ratcliff "kind of listens to everything." Scheib musically looks tip to his cousin Kenny, Eddie Van Halen and David from the Bible. Foster listens to a lot of jazz and other types of music.
Religious influences also play a large role in the band's musical message and sound.
"We worship God through our music," Matlock said.
"I was kind of searching for answers," said Ratcliff, who found his answers in the group.
"We're using the talents God gave us, to glorify him," Scheib said.
"It's the relationship with the Lord," Horrocks said. "It's the absolute key role."
"There really is no music without God in my life," Foster said.
The band takes time during its live shows to acknowledge their religious purpose and get their message across.
Fall Away Facade took all of its hard work and vision to Cascade Recording in Cle Elum to record a foursong demo. The band sent a few to record labels and sold them at concerts. While they have yet to hear back from a label, they've received invitations to play at venues as a result of the promotion.
Six months after making the demo, the band revisited the Cle Elum studio to record its first compact disc. This recording consists of the original members except the addition of Dan Reynolds, who took Fevergeon's place as drummer.
The 10-song CD took two weeks to record and a month to mix.
"It was a real fun experience," Matlock said.
Scheib had experience with recording beginning in high school.
"I felt like I was the most prepared," Scheib said.
The CD's title, "Miss You Two," is a play on words relating to the time during the recording period. Singer, Bolyard, and drummer, Reynolds, were both leaving the band soon. The other reference comes from a friend who fronted the money for the recording whose favorite band was U2.
"Miss You Two" is available locally at Rodeo Records, The Mustard Seed, Boogie Man Music and Off The Record, in Yakima.
Distribution of the CD to record labels, radio and stores is being handled by the national company Talent 2K.
For more information, photos and updates of the band check their web site at www.fallawayfacade.com.
- Daily Record


Fall Away Facade 2001 (demo)
Miss You Two 2002 (full length)
Democrazy 2004 (single)

Hear more at: http://www.audiostreet.net


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fall Away Façade incorporates a unique blend of various styles that fuse to create a catchy yet meaningful sound. Every song they hear affects their writing. A list of bands and artists that have influenced them would be far too extensive for practical purposes. However, a few bands that Fall Away Façade has been likened to include Nickelback, Hoobastank, Dave Matthews, Collective Soul, Three Doors Down, and Incubus.

Fall Away Façade originated in the summer of 2001 and consisted of three members; Dusty Bolyard, Shane Scheib, and Clayton Visker. After a few months of writing songs and searching for other members, the band recruited Dominic Mattlock to play bass.

The band played local shows and recorded music in their home studio. In the fall of that year Shane attended the Player's School of Music in Clearwater, Florida. Shortly thereafter the band enlisted Dan Reynolds as their drummer. The group proceeded to record a demo CD at Cascade Recording in Cle Elum, Washington. Fall Away Façade returned to the studio six months later to record their first full-length album MISS YOU TWO.

Recent history has brought about a few changes in the band’s line up, and now Fall Away Façade is Chris Horrocks, Dominic Matlock, JD Foster, Joel Ratcliff, and Shane Scheib. They recently finished recording a new demo CD that will showcase the new music and fresh sound of Fall Away Façade.

The band is committed to sharing their faith with others though their music in recordings and at live performances, and by living lives that reflect the love of Jesus Christ. Each member of the band understands the importance of relationship with God through Jesus Christ. They all feel that they have a calling to do God's will.

The mission of Fall Away Façade is to further the Kingdom of light by glorifying God through their music, and they also aspire to one day land a multi-trillion dollar record deal with Mega-Super-Gigantic-Big Records.