Fallback is raw, heavy, emotional unconventional energy with gripping melodies and blind sweeping transitions that will turn anyones head. Fallback is a perfect orchestrated band with unlimited potential in the new music market. Imagine the impossible and thats what Fallback has to offer!! STBD


Fallback was founded in September of 2005 in the music depleted scene of Fargo, North Dakota. Fallbacks sound is everything from rough and ready hard-hitting metal that can glide effortlessly to a slower heart felt ballad without a moments hesitation. Trying to accurately describe the bands fluid sound shift and pin a style code on it is like trying to nail Jelly to a tree, it simply cant be done without leaving a major part of their style in the dust. One of the most amazing things about the Fallback sound is that five members can come together, and create so many different types of beauty through music that is ripping out of the speakers to be heard. Lead singer Jarrod Simek has a vocal range that can go from hauntingly deep and feeling to infuriated growls in a matter of seconds. Cody Marshall and Tyler Strand are a powerhouse guitar team whose awesome stage presence is brought to life on stage. Addison Pecks solid bass performance, which is often used to open some of the bands harder hitting songs is a proven solid opener. Tessa Breitback is the newest addition to fallback and has a unrelenting drive when it comes to playing drums and has brought Fallback to the next level.


Self-Titled CD Debut
Self-Titled DVD Debut
The Kill - CD Compilation
Underground Assault Vol. 6 - CD Comp
525.com - Internet radio
Breakthrough - Internet radio

Set List


Covers (Metal) :
Staind: Mudshovel, For You, It's Been Awhile
Sevendust: Praise
Taproot: Poem
Mettalica: From Whom the Bell Tolls
SOD: Chop Suey & Toxicity
Chevelle: The Red
Slipknot: Before I Forget
Coal Chamber: Loco
Static-X: Push It
Godsmack: Whatever & I Stand alone
Rammstein: Du Hast
Deftones: My Own Summer
Korn: Blind & Single
Linkin Park: One Step closer
RAGE: Killing in the Name & Guerrilla Radio
Beastie Boys - Fight for your Right
Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock

Cut me Free
Vise Grip
Once was
National Over-Ride
Time Will Tell
Once Was
Taken Over
Own Made Sin
Green car
Shadows Remain
Middle of the Road