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Crazy In Love

Written By: Josh Teale


There’s an angel in my eyes that has never seen me dreaming
Of the love that we could share, a moment that is fleeting
I put all of my care, into a woman that is leaving
And now I’m left alone with only a heart in pieces bleeding.
There’s a demon in despair that’s been chasing the one.
That’s never been aware its been chasing at all
And every tear shows the fear of being afraid to run
Into the life that will leave you… crazy in love.

Verse 1:

She was the love of my life, and I’d never even spoken with her.
So afraid she’d laugh, and I’d be left to choke. It hurt
everytime she’d pass cuz I had nothing to offer.
So I wrote her a poem.. hoping she’d come confront its author.
To my surprise, she’d been in love with me too.
So we fell into each other, what else could we do?
It was like a sunny summer day in heaven, beautiful as hell.
All we could do was love, and we were doing it so well.
Love in full bloom, stunned at how soon
Our hearts came together, and nothing would do
To harm it, we’re unstoppable held close in each others arms.
In just a moment I could tell we were froze in loves charm.
I could never imagine being happier in my life.
I couldn’t even find the words if I actually tried to write it.
There’s no describing the paradise that’s held between us.
And if I didn’t know better, it all felt like dreaming.

Verse 2:

There’s never been a stronger love between a woman and her man.
And I know that I told you that no one could stand
Between us. But it seems that lately, there’s been some one trying.
To step in the way of our love. And I’m dying
Inside to ask her, but I know she wouldn’t do that.
I’m just a fool, but I see her with him... how could she do that.
He treats her so bad, what kind of friend is this?
She’s leaving a lending hand, to go to a lending fist.
When she’s with me, its love like the first time.
But she always runs back to him to be hurt… blind
To the pain I guess, its really the only answer.
How could she do this? Was I too much for her to handle?
All I did was love her with my entire heart and soul.
But now I see that her love was scattered… show’s
How much I knew of her. I can’t stand this its driving me nuts.
I can’t believe my love has had me crying this much.

Verse 3:

I can’t understand how she loves me so much,
But is always with him, my heart is so crushed.
We had love, they have fights its so ridiculous.
Why can’t someone tell me how I got into this?
To say I didn’t care would be the lie of a lifetime.
I spend night and day, trying to figure out why
She would choose a guy who yells and beats her.
When she had someone who would never leave her.
Their fighting’s getting worse, he hits her everytime now.
I hear her sobbing my name, when all the fighting has died down.
There’s nothing I can do but watch, and listen.
The screams, the cries, he stops… and hits her.
I hate the way he treats her, I hate that she lets him.
I hate that their together, why was I left
To be alone, all I ever want to do is love her.
And I hate that the most, because now I’m left with nothing.


I’ve had enough of this, so I go to end all the anger.
And what do I see other then her being strangled.
And as I sit there watching, wondering how a man could choke
A woman, I realize it’s my hands around her throat.