Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

After many years playing cover songs, the obvious thing to do was write our own stuff.
It's much more satisfying to pour your soul into something you create.
Angst and attention to details, it's our passion.
Kick ass, take names and leave 'em wanting more.


We (Bob Baldwin (guitars) and Eric Hanson (Vocals) graduated from the 80's Hair Metal days.
We played in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area in the band Bastille.
20 years after the band broke up, (and not keeping in touch) we started talking about starting something up again.
The results . .. .. some great, original music.

We're just getting warmed up!


I have been writing original music since 1997 and have amassed a library of 200+ songs.

Since Eric came along, his amazing lyrics and vocals have taken our music to a new level.
It's very cool to hear the transformation.

Check out the past and the future at our site