We are a brother band with a great drive to succeed. Our sound is marketable and radio friendly with great melodies and hooks while maintaining a hard edge. We are self sufficient in the studio and as promoters of our product. We love to play rock n' roll and we love to create music as a whole.


Fallengrace came together in 2005 as an effort by the Grimsley Brothers to create a crowd pleasing sound by combining their vast musical differences. After a year of practicing and recording the band hit 6th street with a vengeance, debuting to great crowds. After moving back to their hometown of San Antonio, they began gigging and writing once again. They just finished an album with producer Chris Lieck of TEG/Tejas Records. A video for the song, "Yesterday" is available on UTube and Myspace Videos. Fallengrace has the drive and the will power to make it in the music business regardless of the obstacles they face. Check Fallengrace out at myspace.com/fallengraceband.



Written By: Alan Grimsley

Bitter and Broken
your'e a man of simple ways
you been lonely now
for more than half your days
Lay your head down boy
you gotta get yourself some rest
the sun is rising now
your gonna face the final test

Sorry about yesterday
Never meant for you to see me that way
Sorry for all that shit I done and said
Sorry about Yesterday, Yesterday--

Lost and Tormented
I'm a child without a path
I been wondering now
for damn near all my life
Lay my head down now
I gotta get myself some sleep
been on the road so long
I just need to weep

Repeat Chorus:


Written By: A. Grimsley

Tis the season for no reason
to be feelin you
Hold your body on top of me
Make my dreams come true

I can feel your FIRE
Comin close its warmin me
I can feel your FIRE
Gettin close its burnin me

Like some burnout I never turnout
You always ask me why
Spend yo money and I lick yo honey
Till the well runs dry

Repeat Chorus:

Like some zero some rundown hero
I keep you in your place
Always steamin till I get you dreamin
Then I bow out with grace

Rpt. Chorus:

Said you loved me but you just shoved me
You put me on that floor
You will wake up and we will make up
And I'll get me some more

Rpt: Chorus:


Fallengrace EP, 2006
Fallengrace, Fallengrace, 2006