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Fallen On September

Laredo, Texas, United States | SELF

Laredo, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fallen On September to release powerful set,"

"...The album opens with the dynamic hard rock track “Of Love and Change” before venturing into various powerpop sounds, as heard on “Beauty Queen” and “Still Here.” The album’s title track, “Storms,” takes the soundscape to a gloomy, melancholic vibe, just before closing with the heavy-driven “This Goodbye is Forever.” The name of the album is a reference to a recurring theme on the six-song EP: that just as a storm may take things from your life that you may never get back, so do the conflicts in life. And just like a storm, there is a peace and serenity that may be found when it’s over, along with the opportunity to rebuild whatever has been lost. ..." - The Laredo Morning Times - Laredo, TX newspaper

"Sledge TV hosts first-ever award ceremony"

"...Fallen on September (FO9) closed the award ceremony. According to previous issue of The Bridge, FO9 also consists of four members. This new band rocks not only with heavy metal tunes but also with the contrasting, charming voice of Mayra Brizuela...."
- The Bridge - TAMIU College Newspaper

"Beauty Queen by Fallen On September - Myxer Pick for Monday, September 01, 2008"

"...Firing on all cylinders with their powerful, hybrid brand of indie and pop punk with a hint of garage rock, comes Laredo, TX’s – Fallen on September! Fans of Thursday, At The Drive In and Incubus should definitely be checkin’ for this killer, new band on the rise! Today’s featured tune, their amazing number, “Beauty Queen”, incorporates twinkling keys that work just perfectly to balance the unique combination of gnarly rhythms, lead-singer, Mayra’s beautiful vocals and Sergio’s absolutely shredding guitar work! We highly suggest you grab this one-- quick, fast and in a hurry..."
- www.myxer.com/fosrocks

"Sledge TV Quickie - Fallen On September"

In this Quickie, we catch up with Fallen On September's frontman, er, woman, Mayra Brizuela to find out how the newest addition to Laredo's music scene came together and why you might want to wear diapers to one of their shows.

SLEDGE TV: Introduce yourselves.
MAYRA: Mayra Brizuela (vocals, keyboard, and dancing), Sergio Puente (guitar, backup vocals, and facial hair), Angel Brizuela (bass and eating...he's eating as we're writing this), Robert Vera (drums and relentless head-banging).

STV: How did the band's lineup come together?

M: Sergio and I (Mayra) performed an acoustic song at a talent show at a Christmas party then people started asking us to play at some bars. The band initially started as an acoustic duet, but we wanted to play with a full band and play more high-energy songs. After we recorded some demos and had a better idea of where we wanted to go with the band's sound we got my brother, Angel to play bass and then Robert Vera to play drums..

STV: Fallen on September is a cool name. We've heard alot of positive comments about the band's name. How did you come up with it?

M: Haha! This is going to be the cheesiest thing ever but here it goes: Sergio and I met last year in September. When we started singing together it was more of a, "Hey its the boyfriend and girlfriend duet" type of thing so we thought it'd be cool to have a name that was relevant to us. Then we realized that the month when the whole band came together was also in September of this year, so we decided that it'd be okay to keep the name without having the cheese-factor..

STV: Sergio is also in Alternate Silence. Is the FO9 sound influenced at all by Alternate Silence, or does he try to approach each project with different mentalities?

M: Well, unfortunately Alternate Silence is not together anymore. =(!!! This gave Sergio a chance to get a fresh start with a new band and also to focus more on his guitar playing. As far as being influenced by Alternate Silence, I'm pretty sure some of the bands that influenced him when he was with them will still influence him, but it's a really different sound. We've all introduced each other to different types of music that we can get inspired by when we write our songs.

STV: Any shows coming up? Where can people watch you play?

M: We don't have any dates set right now, but we hope to start gigging soon. We're trying to finish recording an EP so that people won't have to wait to get a hold of our music when we first start playing. We want to come out and kick everyone in the face... on the first date. Not literally though so don't be scared to come to our shows unless you have a phobia of wetting your pants. Booyah!!!!!

- sledgetvbootleg.com/quickies/fos.htm

"Kairos - Album Review"

This female fronted band plays a brand of power pop / rock music that’s filled with driving beats. They list groups like, Blindside, Chevelle, At The Drive-In, Dredg, Paramore, Flyleaf, Incubus and Deftones as some of their musical influences.

The songs found on Kairos are filled with big guitars sounds, rocking drum beats, a bass line that’s always right there, topped off with great lead vocals that always have enough rock n’ roll spirit in them to drive home the message of the song.

After listening to the songs found on Kairos I took away several thoughts. The first one is the need to not compromise on your own values and principles to conform to someone

else’s idea of what they think you should be like. The second is that sometimes even though you really love someone that may not always be enough. The last point is that sometimes by what we do or don’t do we can be our own worst enemy.

Some of the tracks that stood out for me are, “Miss Nemesis,” that has a nice bass line that reminded me of the arcade game, Whack-A-Mole. The bass line is happy to mostly stay in the background, then comes to the forefront for awhile, then falls back, much like the little mole poking his head up from time-to-time in the game.

I also liked the stabbing guitar attack found on the track, “Only in Your Eyes.” The song, “Undone,” is a nice power ballad.

I didn’t really dislike any of the tracks found on Kairos. This band has a tight, much more advanced sound, then one might expect from a band that’s only been together for a little over two-years.

The band has already won several awards and with the music that they put forth on Kairos I can see that list of awards growing rapidly. If you’re into power pop/ rock songs that are filled with big hooks, driving beats, and female rock vocals that command your attention, then Fallen On September is a band that you need to checkout.

- www.thecdreviewer.com


Storms-2008 (indepedently released)
-Beauty Queen - Pick of the Day in Mxyer.com (09/01/08)
-Beauty Queen - Featured in Crunch Time (recording and rehearsal studio) television commercial
-This Goodbye Is Forever, Of Love and Change, Still Here - Featured in Friday Night Fever football highlights for local television sports show.

The Eye Of The Storm (Acoustic EP)-2009

Kairos (Full-Length)-2009
-Sledge TV Awards Album of the Year 2010



Fallen On September was formed in September of 2007. The band has gone several lineup changes since then with the current lineup consisting Mayra Brizuela (vocals and keyboards), Sergio Puente (guitar and backup vocals), Xavier Castillo (bass and backup vocals), and Ernie Everett (drums and samples). Their wall-of-sound approach to their music is influenced by different modern hard rock artists like Blindside, Chevelle, At The Drive-In, Dredg, Paramore, Flyleaf, Incubus, and Deftones. Their goal is to connect with the audience with very personal lyrics and an unpredictable show. It's a sound that everyone can enjoy from the hard-driven rhythm section and guitars, to the harmonious vocalization and piano melodies.

Fallen On September is currently performing at various major cities in Texas including San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Corpus Christi, promoting their latest album Kairos and is also currently working on their follow up album which will be released in 2011.

Band of the Year - Sledge TV/CW Awards 2008 and 2010 (for the year 2009)

Frontman/woman of the Year (Mayra Brizuela) - Sledge TV/CW Awards 2008 and 2010 (for the year 2009)

Guitarist of the Year (Sergio Puente) - Sledge TV Awards 2010 (for the year 2009)

Album of the Year (Kairos) - Sledge TV Awards 2010 (for the year 2009)

Best New Band - Sledge TV Awards 2007

Pick of the Day - September 1, 2008 on Myxer.com (over 5,600 downloads of Beauty Queen on that day)

Will be featured in Quickstar Productions' Vs. The World Compilation CD (Volume 3) which will receive national distribution

Performed for Music Saves Lives in Dallas, TX (sponsored by Van's Warped Tour)

Have received regular airplay on commercial radio station 94.9 FM-The Works in Laredo, TX as well as 99.5 KISS FM in San Antonio, TX.