Fallen Silver

Fallen Silver


Bursting onto the scene in 2004, Fallen Silver found themselves in the midst of a rock revival and set out to conquer it. With a bag full of original raw Aussie rock songs, kick arse riffs and a fat rhythm section, the band soon found a waiting audience.


Every once in a while a band comes along that embodies the spirit of Australian rock music. Fallen Silver is one of those bands. Blistering loud guitars, gutsy riffs and a thundering rhythm section pumping out foot stamping, good time tunes in a hail of sweat soaked energy. A gang of misfits with a no bullshit attitude, we're not here to re-invent the wheel or pose for your camera, we're here to continue the irrepressible musical force that is rock'n'roll.

With our debut album slated for release before Christmas this year, 2007 is shaping up to be a big year for Fallen Silver

The debut album ‘Blood In Blue Eyes”, best served……Loud!


Loaded Gun

Written By: Tony Vulic/Tony Vulic

Was she asleep
Was she crying
In the mortuary they’re playing with syringes

Was she lucid
As she lay dying
While the circus clowns, were stealing all the riches

Yeah, I might be on the run
I’m a man with a mission
I got a loaded gun

The spiders with their crystals
Feeding the babies
Marching their doll up the hills

The execution priests
With their guns a blazing
They got blood for sale, blood for sale

I’m a man without love
Looking for someone
I got a loaded gun

My mind is spinning
It’s been song long
I’ve forgotten how to feel
I got six chambers but I only used one
Still ain’t finished with my loaded gun

Blood In Blue Eyes

Written By: Tony Vulic/Tony Vulic

Tell me baby have you given up
Fallen tears like holy water
Fills my cup

Cold comfort keeps you warm at night
Cold comfort keeps you warm at night
But I’ll accept your pleasure
With blood in blue eyes

As you try to wash the stain still you remain
Blood in blue eyes, can you feel the sting?

You so badly want to abbreviate your life
Let the mascara run to blood
Blood in blue eyes

She says ‘I don’t mind if I die today’
Grown tired of this world
Girl, you better change your way

There’s blood on my hands
It stains my fingertips
I put them to my mouth
Taste blood on my lips

Why won’t these feelings just fade away
Leave me nothing but my grieving
Darkness overcomes my memory
Spirit begs for forgiveness

We got blood, blood, blood in your blue eyes
Blood, blood, blood in your blue eyes


Written By: Matt Chambers/Doug Nekic

Nothing I have faith in
Is permanent
Except disfigurement

The scars I have created
Are permanent
Try as I might, I cannot erase them

The truth of age
The truth of knowledge
The lies of self preservation

It wont go away
This feeling’s horrid
Try as I might, I cannot be all of this

It ain’t over till it’s over
It ain’t over today
You know I want you forever
Let me be me and I’ll stay

Nothing I have faith in
Has faith in me
Except for those I deceive

The scars I have created
Are mine to keep
Try as I might, I just can’t hate them


Written By: Tony Vulic/Tony Vulic

It’s just past sunset
The sky turns orange
As her iris fades away

She sits in the laundry mat
Waiting to cleanse her clothes
For the third time today

There’s been something on my mind
Something you ought to know
I should never of left you
I’ve come to take you home

Did you ever feel like
You were living your dream
But a nightmare

A congregation of lost souls
Wave as they pass her
Hoping to find their way

She smiles so eloquently
Let her take you there
Her innocence shines
Her crucifixion is her bed
But she don’t care

Fire Walk With Me

Written By: Tony Vulic/Tony Vulic

Sunshine, pour down your rays
Release me from my slumber, my haze
I am transformed, hypnotized, I turn in circles

It lives, it breathes
I enter her dominion
It reigns supreme
But yet it deceives

I feign a smile
As I breathe in the wonder
While all the while
Dragging me under

I have lived, many moons but never risen
I have cried, many tears, many times
But never, forgiven

Fire walk with me, she offers me her pearl
Fire walk with me, she offers me her world

East L.A

Written By: Tony Vulic

Keep you head down!!

Just another balmy night
In East L.A
Where nothing much unusual
Has happened today

Cops raided another place
And smashed in the door
Another crack house cooking
With people trying to score

There's a madman in a tower
With his gun pointed down
Waiting for his victims
To be found

A hooker got raped
Down in the lane
Got her face sliced up good
Not doing it his way

There was a drive by shooting
Little Johnny got gunned down
Shouldn't of been walking
On the wrong side of town

Snake Eyes

Written By: Tony Vulic

Man in his in the kitchen
With a shotgun to his head
He says ‘I'm gonna blow my brains out,
I wanna be dead’
See the expression in his eyes
He’s got snake eyes

Woman on the couch
Got her nails dug in her skin
She says ‘I gotta get it out
Get it out from within’
Hear the emotion in her cries
The look on her face
Tells you its snake eyes

Man with a dog there
Walking in the park
He says ‘Go kill em boy!’
But his face is in the dark
You get a glimpse of him
And it comes as no surprise
You see that man
And his snake eyes

Death is just another level
You might find God
Or meet the devil


CD 'Blood In Blue Eyes' out now
Visit us www.fallensilver.com.au

Set List

We play all originals. Our sets are anything from 45-60 mins