Fallen Under

Fallen Under


Fallen Under is an aggresive modern rock band along the lines of Mudvayne, 36 Crazyfists, and Seether. Musically the band bounces back and forth from bonecrushing riffs to melodic burts of instrumentation. Erik Baumann delivers catchy hooks and a scream that could peal the paint off of walls.


Fallen Under is an aggresive hard rock band from the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. The band formed in 2002 when drummer Jason Truda started playing with guitarist Peyton Dowdy. The band has gone through several line up changes in the past 3 years but has finally settled in and is ready to make a huge splash in the music industry. With vocalist Erik Baumann moving to Richmond from Albany, New York to pursue the band as well as former Envyonfire bassist Justin Boswell on board the band as a whole seems to have a bright future. With a stage show that revolves around the relentless energy of each member, Fallen Under proves to be a name you won't soon forget.


2004 Demo
2005 Single "Selfish" Aired on y101 richmond's new rock several times.
2005 Demo including current single "Nothing"

2006 "Tales From the Creepy House"
"Tales From the Creepy House" was recorded at Wally Cleaver's (Keller Williams, Bullistic) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The EP was produced by Ed Savoy (Bullistic) and was engineered by Jeff Covert. The 6 song EP will be released on January 3rd, 2006.

Set List

A typical Fallen Under set list consists of around 10 songs.

Intro/Bend the Needle
By the Way
So What
Never Forget
Muck and Mire

are the originals in the set with the occasional cover of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me", Candlebox's "Far Behind" and other random covers.