Fall From Below

Fall From Below


The perceptual medium between metal and rock. Enough to satisfy your desires and keep you hungry for more.


Fall From Below spawned from the ashes of Connecticut based prog-metal band Theory of Chaos. After ToC’s enivitable demise, Chris Carvache (guitars) and Dave Chapman (bass and screams) sought new talent in the desolate New England scene. Bringing in Alex Cohen (drums) the new found trio brought tight riffs and intricate rhythms together forming a solid core. Short after, Dan Raccio (guitars and former member of ToC) rejoined the his musical brothers creating an even tighter unit. After months of failed auditions and jaded hopes, Matt Barnes (former Oryon frontman) entered the picture completing the versatile and compeling, ensemble that is Fall From Below.


Demo - 2007 EP

Set List

45 minutes
10 songs