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"AMP Magazine"

“A Seattle-based band that delivers 100 percent pure, unfi ltered rock nʼ roll. A powder keg of talent is within the makeup
of this heavy hitting band. Featuring screaching vocals, searing guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines and precision
percussion with the likes of which Rolex would be jealous of.
Formed in March of 2004, Fall From Grace emerged to fi nd a new driving yet refreshing sound thatʼs made them as welcome
as the fresh smell of bacon frying in the morning. Quickly climbing through the catacombs of the Seattle music
scene, Fall From Grace has been opening for local and national acts within their fi rst four gigs.”
That, my friends, was a quote from the Seattle Post Intelligence, which is quite an honor. I had the opportunity to meet
up with the boys from Fall From Grace at El Corazon in Seattle,WA. I actually met Tryg & Brian at the Silverstein show.
The really weird thing about this band is, I had a total deja vu experience with them. They looked famous when I met
them. I swore I had seen them before, but it turns out I hadnʼt.
I agreed to come watch them play, and did a little sit down chat
with the boys before they went on.
This is a band that not only acts like family, but believes in family.
They are a close knit bunch, both supporting and encouraging
each other. Their fan base is enormous, and these guys support
their fans as much as their fans support them. They told me that
there has been a few times where they have recived calls from
fans, who are ready to commit suicide. This is not an everyday
event, and defi nitely not part of a bandʼs call of duty. And yet,
they take the calls, they talk to their fans, they help them thru it,
anyway they can.
And then, you hear them play. Trygʼs vocals were fucking amazing,
kenny b on the drums, was somewhat reminiscent of Travis
Barker. Brian on guitar...yeah, that boy can play alright. Big Ken
on bass....whoa! I still feel like I am in some time warp where
these guys are like majorly famous.....and watching their fans,
youʼd think they were.
They believe in thier work, music, fans and each other. I am telling
you right now, keep your radar on for them, cuz I can guaran-damntee
they will be household names soon enough. You heard it here,
fi rst, and from yours truly. They fucking rocked my socks off. - by Jenn Dohner

"Guestlist Magazine"

As the winners of the 2007 Bodog Battle of
the Bands, Fall From Grace gained media
attention, a fan base, and a one million dollar
contract. On their debut album, “Sifting
Through The Wreckage,” they seem
to be on a mission to prove to everyone
and anyone just why they were selected as
the winners. You are thrust into the album
with a screech of “yeahhhhhh” and then get
slapped with blistering guitars and a drumbeat
that will pound right through you on
album opener “Hated Youth,” and as soon
as the fi rst chorus hits you realize you have
just stumbled onto a band that writes catchy,
sing-a-long songs. This is the trend that continues
with “King Of Lies,” where you have
no choice but to tap along with the great
guitars and you instantly will be singing
along. On the upbeat songs, which a majority
of this album is, you will be trapped in
between bouncy choruses and guitar riffs
full of great hooks that will stay stuck in
your head all day long. On the slower tracks
like “Pictures On The Wall” the music sort
of takes a backseat to the vocals and letʼs
them carry the song and the powerful lyrics,
all the while though remaining catchy even
though itʼs slower paced. I canʼt say enough
about an album like this one. Simply put, I
love this album. It encompasses everything
I like in a band from great vocals (without
screaming), great guitar riffs full of hooks, a
rhythm section that will make you bounce,
and great lyrics. A must listen album in
2008! - guestlistmag.net


- Rise from the Ashes (2004, self-release)
- Covered in Scars (2007, self-release)
- Sifting Through the Wreckage (to be released August 2008, Bunk Rock Music)



Fall From Grace is a Hard Rock Phoenix rising from the ashes of adversity. Each of the four band members are a walking testament to the saying “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Creating music for the masses, each song is a story of struggle, and triumph.

Fall From Grace formed in the musical hotbed of Seattle Washington. However this punk-rock, foursome does not subscribe to the indie pop culture or grunge persona most are used to from the area. Instead, Fall From Grace live and play in the underbelly of the Seattle scene, hitting the hardcore clubs and breathing life into a new movement they are building, one that is breaking through with the help of acts like Aiden and Amber Pacific.

Fall from Grace’s gritty punk-rock sound is exemplified by their non-stop action packed live show. Front man Tryg commands the mob of psycho scenesters while singing songs with infectious melodies, brutal breakdowns and crowd clap choruses. Their music gives something to everyone. Although the subject matter is dark at times the display is up tempo and incites a dancing riot. This band has come together and faced the darkest of times but has spun it in a way that brings the message of hope and hard-core happiness to all who hear it.

Each of the four members of Fall From Grace has remained victorious against possible impending doom making this band their career and life focus. Ken Olson made it to every show and every daily practice while he was homeless and living out of his car. Drummer Kenny B signed up to serve in the US military but prior to even being able to serve in Iraq he became afflicted with health ailments and placed in a VA hospital in critical condition. As a soldier Kenny was forced to get inoculations for Small Pox and Anthrax, these vaccines turned against him giving him Epilepsy. To this day he suffers from seizures but works with Operation Ward 57 a group dedicated to the support of troops and the improvement of the conditions and environment at Walter Reed AMC. Singer, Tryg Littlefield has risen above early life issues. After divorcing his biological mother at the age of twelve due to mental and physical abuse, Tryg packed his bags to move in with his father and stepmother who became the pinnacle of strength in his life. Subsequently, Tryg has been leading a nomadic life. His wanderlust, love for touring and couch surfing ability was born from these years. His lack of family roots was the driving force that leads him to build Seattle’s musical community and reach out to his fans as family. Brian, the lead guitarist, and Ken Olson, on bass, share more in life than just being band mates. These brothers have unified to survive many mishaps, a tumultuous childhood in an impoverished environment, and a deadly car accident. In the middle of the night a drunk driver hit the car Brian was riding in. The car that struck them was traveling above the speed limit without their lights on and caused the car to spin out crushing the passenger side killing the opposing driver. Brian was pronounced dead on the scene however after 45 minutes of flat lining he awoke. Miraculously Brian came out of the accident without suffering brain damage, blindness or becoming paralyzed. After three weeks in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit and over a month of recovery he performs with vigour today. Faced with all of these challenges Fall From Grace has one goal and that goal is to rock your face off.

Understandably they were named “the band that will not die” during the televised finals of the Fuse TV $1 Million Battle Of The Bands. Fall From Grace outperformed over 7,000 bands nationwide on the internet, on local and national stages and on TV. FFG took the Seattle champion title which lead to them appearing as one of 17 chosen continental finalists to contend for a $1 Million record contract. As these bands competed against each other week after week on the Fuse TV series, Fall From Grace proved time and time again that their true hard rock spirit and endurance would reign supreme. With each challenge put before them the band gained the reverence of the celebrity judges; Johnny Rotten, Bif Naked and Billy Duffy, the respect of fellow competing bands and the love of the viewing audiences everywhere.

Their cult following continues to grow as the band tours non-stop. FFG has been playing alongside heavy-hitters coast to coast and hitting up touring festivals like The Vans Warped Tour. Now that Fall From Grace is part of the Bunk Rock Entertainment roster they are ready to take their message to a whole new level with the release of their 2nd full length album “Sifting Through the Wreckage” available nationwide and online on iTunes.