Ashtabula, Ohio, USA

We are very talented, been together 6 years, played over 400 shows with all sorts of national acts, we get played on college internet radio.. and work very hard to get to where we are today.


In the summer of 2006 marked the beginning of a new creation, Falling Astray. The band was formed by complete strangers, but the friendship and brotherhood and musicianship quickly began to grow, while molding eachothers music styles and abilities to create diverse and melodic metal. With the Cleveland metal scene in shambles, we worked all summer to write a complete setlist, then we set off to play as many shows as possible, after playing close to 50 shows in three months, we took a break on shows for a while to concentrate on writing more diverse and heavier material. With our fanbase growing rapidly day by day, in early 2008, we decided to hit the studio (5/5 studios, painesville, ohio) and embark on our journey to have a full e.p. to hand out to our fans and place on our my space. With that taken care of,we just continued to play shows and dominate opening up for acts such as, Otep,Ill Nino, Mushroomhead, Kittie, Dope, 36 Crazy Fists, Walls Of Jericho, HED (P.E.), Across Five Aprils, Bleeding Through, A New Revolution, Solipsist, Ventana, Carnifex,Sister Sin, Caliban, Flyleaf, Forever In Terror, Kill Whitney Dead, Droid, Hatecore Inc., The Demonstration, Dance Club Massacre, (216), Panic Cell, and tons more. Our professionalism and drive and urge to keep this machine known as Falling Astray will never be dead, with at least 80-150 plays a day on our widely known My Space page, our attention is set forth to recording a full length, with a good label, and to do a full summer tour around the country. With that in mind we will continue to play shows in our area or further away, and move forward, while destroying stages one town at a time!


We release an 8 song demo called "Declaration of Devastation" in 2008 it was self- released.

Set List

we can play 45 minutes.

we have 4 members. drummer singer. guitarist. bassist..

we require mics for all of us

a guest list of 15 at least.