Falling at Will

Falling at Will


We have a hardcore sound with a melodic tone. We love to play music and we all have the heart for it. We are willing to work our asses off and do what ever it takes to make a living doing what we love.


Local bands around Tallahassee seem to be following the same type of sound, Falling at Will wants to change that. Not only within Tallahassee but its surrounding areas, and hopefully even further. They hope to begin traveling soon, starting on the East Coast and once their music is heard by a few, it’s bound to spread like wildfire. Falling at Will wants to bring to the table a kind of rock that people can really feel, a melody of music that digs into the soul. These guys came together about a year and a half ago; it started with a singer and a drummer and grew gradually until they formed one of the most rockin’ bands you’ll ever hear. Dave started playing the guitar around the age of 15 and began writing music around 16 or 17. Richard has nearly nine years of experience playing the guitar while Jimmy brings to the band skills he has been enhancing on the guitar for over five years. Chris picked up a bass thirteen years ago and has been improving on it ever since and Dane started throwing the drum sticks around a little over five years ago. In March of 2005, Dane and Dave started looking for members to start a band, they started with searching for a bass player. Chris and Dave played in a band together about six years ago but things came up and they went their separate ways. Five years later, after having really no kind of contact, the guys met up again. They decided to go at it again and Chris joined Falling at Will as the bassist. Then, they were on the hunt for a guitar player or two. Jimmy was the next addition to the band, knowing most of the guys already, he had no problem adjusting to the band’s style. Recently, the guys welcomed Richard to the band as their fifth member. He has excellent guitar skills and will amaze you with his playing; his added sound to the band gives them the extra energy they need. The passion embedded in these guys comes out with every performance; you’ll have to hear them live to understand.
Directly from the band :
As for our influences and bands that we like, we all have our favorites, and throughout the past year in a half our sound has changed. In the beginning, our main influences were Alice in Chains, old Staind, Pantera and Disturbed. Our sound has evolved some since then, it's gotten a little more hardcore/metal, thanks to Killswitch Engage, Machinehead, and Demon Hunter. Our music is inspired by real life experiences. The words in each song have some kind of meaning behind them. We are all just doing what we love, one day it will take us far!
Lately, we have been expanding a bit more out of the Tallahassee area. Although we love our hometown and the venues that support us, there are only a few here that support original music rather than covers. So, keep an eye on our gigs, we may be coming near you soon.



Written By: dave rowe

your so fake in your own skin
you take everyone for granted

but in your blood
your not real
your lifes numb
and you cant feel

your so dull sharpness cant breathe
you burn everyone at their sakes

couldnt throw away your ways
couldnt try to break your ways
your ways always bring
your war so
you try to bring war
and you try to bring war
now you try to bring war but


There is a radio station here in Tallahassee with a show that airs every Sunday night. This show is Homegrown, and is devoted to helping the local bands get there name out there. On Sunday nights they play the top 3 songs that are voted for by callers. We have been in the top 3 for a number of weeks now, and our song Frozen was retired on Sunday the 11th of June. You can check this song and a couple others out on our other website www.myspace.com/fallingatwill, you can also request our songs on Gulf 104.1 by calling (850)681-0436, or emailing yuck@gulf104.com or chillipepper@gulf104.com. We are unsure as to what song we will put out there next.

Set List

Altogether we have about 20 songs, so we can play a 60-90 minute set. At most of our gigs we play about 45 minutes, which is about 8 songs. The set we have been playing lately is listed below, but we switch it out alot. Gotta keep the fans interested!
self inflicted
by yourself
beligerant-always a crowd pleaser!
sheltered need
fake which is on the sonic bids site and we have many, many more.