Falling August

Falling August

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

We are pop punk band from Tucson, AZ. Only playing together for a year, we have had the opportunity to connect with many die-hard fans through our debut album, sharing the stage with touring bands, college circuits, and benefit concerts! Check us out, we think you'll love it!


Falling August is a pop punk rock band hailing from Tucson, AZ. Only playing together for a year, they have connected with a number of die-hard fans through their debut album, Stories Kept Quiet. They have been featured twice on The Morning Blend television show and have been given the opportunity to showcase their love for music through sharing the stage with touring bands and college circuits, label showcases, and benefit concerts!

Originally formed in High School, all four members of Falling August connected with each other through their love for music and expression despite their varying backgrounds and musical interests. Aside from bringing a unique "pop" perspective to the table, Josh, Evan, Travis, and Jake soon realized that they all had experienced a similar relational and emotional journey that lead them to music. This realization brought the creation of Stories Kept Quiet.

The band, at the turn of 2010-2011 self-produced, engineered, and released Stories Kept Quiet. The debut album is the musical expression of these shared experiences. Their music is the representation of thoughts and feelings that the band members themselves, and countless young listeners could never tell someone else.

Through hard work and a lot of word-of-mouth, their music has been connecting with young people all over, who can relate the music to their own experiences and relationships.


Heartbeat - Single (2010)

Stories Kept Quiet (2010-2011)
- "Cough If You Can Read My Mind" - 1410 FB plays (1/25/11)
- "Heartbeat" - 838 FB plays (1/25/11)

Set List

Since every show is different, this is just a group of set lists we have done before. Ultimately, we are very flexible.

15 Minute
- "Cough If You Can Read My Mind"
- "Parasite Pillowtalk"
- "Heartbeat"

15-30 Minute
- "Cough If You Can Read My Mind"
- "Parasite Pillowtalk"
- "Heartbeat"
- "Frenchmaid"
- "Even If There's A Fire"
- "Turn Off, Goodnight"
- "Goodbye Coastline"

- Entire album + other originals
- Covers (All Time Low, The Maine, Kid Cuddi, etc.)