Falling Back

Falling Back


Personal rock 'n roll done the right way. Hit the fans in there face with clean, crisp Rock n' Roll all the while showing the fans how much fun we are having performing for them. Because if not for them there would be no Falling Back!


The band finished their line up in late 2005. With two demo releases hung over there heads, the band STILL was searching for the sound they were looking for. By early 2006 the band took a break, and recollected what their true love for music was all about. When the band appeared back on the scene, they brought news of releasing their first FULL-LENGTH album. During the writting process of the album, each band member displayed their own personal style to each song. Each member of the band enjoys the same music, but still has different styles. So, to accent the band more they decided to focus on eachothers personal interests. Doing so, the band formed a style of music that not much people were recognizing. Their latest release CHASING THE SUN proves just that. Creed, Alice in chains, Matchbox Twenty, Dark new day, The cure, John Mayer, Queensryche, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and many different influental bands drove FALLING BACK to create the style that they were looking for. But, soon after releasing the album bassist Sean Thompson decided to part ways with the band(heading for a future in college) leaving the 3 original members left. What sets the band aside from most bands that are in todays generation, is that everyone finds it hard to label FALLING BACK's music. Since we have found that all age groups like our style. Ranging from grunge to metal, to alternative progressive...No one still has YET to label the bands musical style. To the band, that is the perfect way to be. As FALLING BACK have said "We like to call it ROCK 'N ROLL".


Chase the sun


Speaking through silence was not the way
Your eyes expressed a tint of shame
The edge of your finger upon my lips
In your silence you expressed this

So, we chase the sun...
Here we float as one...

The sunshine always feels the same down here
The air we breathe it just, ain't the same
Through it all I still feel the laughter
I'm not quite sure if it's you I'm after
(Never would I, never would I ever thought it come this far
It's a shame, such a shame that I had carved a scar)

How can we hide this plastered frown?
I've had enough of feeling down
I don't care to feel at all
Why we fight is why we crawl

So, we chase the sun...
Here we float as one...

Doesn't matter


It doesn't matter what I have to say
You'll take my words, and turn them around on me
You think my world revolves around you
You say "Do as you're told", but I'm never through

Everytime, everyday
Everything that I say breaking down all around
Why the hell do I stay?

I doesn't matter what you have to say
I'll ignore you, and we'll walk our seperate ways
I never cared to learn what they taught
But, look at me now a poor man all distraught

Face me


Try to grasp this endless dissonance
Seeping through the cracks
A life of broken glass
Dreams undermining thoughts
Hell is what you brought
This could be right
No, not with you in my life

When will you turn your face to me?
(Face me, Face me)
You're always hiding behind me
(You hide behind me)
When will you face, face me

(Face me...)
Face me...
(Face me...)
Face me...
(Face me...)
Face me....

Swallowed up inside this chaotic confusion
Not a place to hide nor to rest my head
You're closest friend becomes your greatest enemy
Betrayed by my words
Let the truth be heard


The bands released first demo "Negative Exemptions"

The band released second demo "Self-titled"

Band releases first full-length album "Chasing the sun"

Left behind
What it's like
Doesn't matter
The worst

Set List

Usually the band plays up to an hour mixing a blend of their old stuff with their new stuff, and topping it off with the occasional surpise covers.

-USUALLY SET(original material)-
Thing's I'll never know
Left Behind
What it's like
Falsely Accused
Doesn't matter
Chase the sun
This is the time
Face me
The Worst

For whom the bell tolls-Metallica