Falling You

Falling You

BandEDMNew Age

Falling You creates ethereal electronica -- music that is as much about the beauty of the female voice as it is about the beauty of sound itself.


FALLING YOU creates moving, emotive music that is best served when the moon is high, the atmosphere is serene, and the lights are out. Arranged by composer, John Michael Zorko, FALLING YOU enlists the haunting vocals of Dru Allen (THIS ASCENSION), Aimee Page, Jennifer McPeak, Sara Ayers, Krista Tortora (FULL BLOWN KIRK), Victoria Lloyd (CLAIRE VOYANT), Erica Mulkey (UNWOMAN), Suzanne Perry (LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARDS) and others. Mixing dark ambient soundscapes with subtle electronica, and some of the most beautiful ethereal female vocals around, FALLING YOU speaks a melancholy, yet hopeful language that permeates the soul of the listener.

Zorko's musical efforts have been realized in two previous albums and a variety of contributions to documentaries, performance art collaborations, and independent films.


Mercy (debut) -- 1998
Touch -- 2004
Human -- 2006

Set List

Our sets run about 45-60 minutes usually, and include songs from each of our 3 albums. We do one set per performance.