Fall Into Ruin

Fall Into Ruin


Quickly catching the attention of many people in Massachusetts and spreading roots fast to surrounding states, Fall Into Ruin's "one of a kind" sound is sure to prevail.


We are just six guys who live to play... that's that. As far as influences go - we'd need an entire site to list them all. We're basically a well rounded band, taking from numerous genres to complete our original sound. That's what Fall Into Ruin is about.


2001 - 'Songs For The Robot' (Independent Lp)

* 'Look At Me Now' was played on Northampton, Massachusetts' Lazer 99.3's Big Bang Local Music Explosion & 'Burst' was featured on the Top 15 Local Bands at Springfield, Massachusetts' WTCC 90.7.

2003 - 'Unreadable' (Independent Ep)

* 'Secret' is currently gaining airplay on Northampton, Massachusetts' Lazer 99.3.