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"Fall of Echoes - Red Tree"

Every once in a while an album comes along that you just can not take out of your CD player. Every time you try, it just seems to find it's way back in there. The new CD from Fall of Echoes, Red Tree, is just such a CD. Fall of Echoes is made up of members of two other bands you have heard on CMR R@dio.

Shane Lankford and Bill Yost, of Orphan Project, have teamed up with Rob Perez and Rick Mals of Visual Cliff to deliver a sonic treat that is surely going to be a big hit. With tunes ranging from the Metal tinged "Land of No Choices", to the Moody Blues meets Toad the Wet Sprocket gem called "9th Floor" you will be enthralled with the tunes that assault you on this disc. The title tune should also catch your attention with its spacey intro (where's the sitar?) and its no nonsense message. There is even a tune that might be called a power ballad in "Little Girl Lost".

It may be one of the most diverse CD's to be released in any market or genre this year. Keep your ears on CMR R@dio for your chance to hear tunes from this disc before and after its release on September 25th, For more information on Fall of Echoes and their new CD Red Tree, stop by http://www.fallofechoes.com . - Christian Musician Radio Dot Com

"Fall of Echoes - Red Tree"

Fall of Echoes debut album "Red Tree" is an album I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on, especially after falling in love with the member's previous bands' offerings (Orphan Project and Visual Cliff). Now the singer decided to leave Orphan Project (or put it on hold anyway) to join forces with Rick Mals and Rob Perez of Visual Cliff fame. The result is one interesting piece of music, ranging from hints of Progressive Metal to fusion rock with a sonic sound in it.

As I start listening to the album i realize that this is not an album that provides easy listening sessions as almost every song (spare the power ballade "Little girl lost") has its own depth of complexity. But after some five listens you start to realize the greatness of the music and you start to inhale every tone that comes out of this album. The lead guitar work of Rick Mals' are stunning at countless times (check out "Mr. Orion") at the album, add to that Shane's majestic voice (one of my favorites in the business right now) and you might realize that this album is quite special.

It's hard to point out any particular songs since I seem to enjoy them all but "Mr. Orion" and The orphan project sounding "9th floor" are two cuts which I simply love listening to over and over again.

The production, handled by the band, is crystal clear and it has made room for every instrument to be heard clearly.

As mentioned it's a very diverse album since it having glimpses of so many styles and I do believe that it might be the only reasons some of the listeners might have a hard time getting in to it. But if you are in for a musical journey nothing like much of what you usually hear, you should grab "Fall of Echoes" without hesitating much, because I truly believe this is pure class.
Style: Progressive Rock
Year: 2006
Review by: Victory - Victoryzine.com


LP - Red Tree
Current songs playing or streaming are Red Tree, Mr Orion and Little Girl Lost


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Fall Of Echoes debut "Red Tree" signifies the beginning of a new
direction in music. Diversity, complexity and power merge to form a new
but accessible modern sound that combines the elements of rock, metal,
progressive ambiance and groove with melodically powerful vocals. The
meaning behind the name F.O.E is simple..."We feel that biblical truth,
for the most part, has been lost on this generation and the echoing
unchanging message thats been given has fallen on deaf ears and rejective
hearts". The title "Red Tree" is symbolic of the wooden cross that Christ
shed his blood on for all of humanity that we may be saved from ourselves.

Fall Of Echoes originated out of the collaboration between Orphan Project
vocalist Shane Lankford and Visual Cliff guitarist Rob Perez. Shane was a
guest vocalist on three tracks for the highly acclaimed 2005 Visual Cliff
album "Freedom Within". Talks of working on more music together lead
them to form this new project that also includes fellow band mates from
both of their respective bands.

Shane Lankford has been rocking the ‘biz’ since 1989, fronting bands along the way such as Azlan, Hero, and About A Day.After a four-year hiatus from the scene, Shane developed the concept for Orphan Project in 2002, and has been blending a unique sound of inspiration and heavy symphonic rock ever since. Orphan Project has opened for veteran progressive rockers Spock’s Beard, and their debut release entitled ‘Orphan Found’ has been showered with praise throughout the entire progressive rock scene (visit www.orphanfound.com for more info).

In 2005, Shane teamed up with guitarist Rob Perez of Visual Cliff. Despite the four-hour distance that separated them (with Shane in Maryland and Rob in Pennsylvania), they forged a special bond that resulted in Lankford’s inspired vocal contributions to three tracks for the group’s latest release ‘Freedom Within’ (visit www.visualcliff.net for more info).
It was during that time that Shane and Rob discussed fusing their respective sounds together into a full-length album. The result of this collaboration, Fall Of Echoes, and their debut release ‘Red Tree,’ combines Rob’s hallmark edgy progressive rock sound with Shane’s soaring vocal melodies and deep, insightful lyrics.

On a personal note: Shane has an awesome marriage to his wife Wendy, he has two great dogs Wallace and Maxie, and he loves his Baltimore Ravens, as well as everyone at NCPC! He has been inspired musically by great vocalists such as Greg X. Volz, Bono, Steve Perry, Jorn Lande, and Darryl Hall, as well as many others from the ‘70s through the present. He gets all his strength and love of life from his Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ!

Rhythm Guitarist/Recording Engineer
Rob Perez started playing the guitar at the age of nine, and performed in various bands throughout his early years. After two years of college, he moved to New York City to play the circuit, gigging regularly in three different bands. Perez played bass in a cover band, and drums in a half cover/half original project. He played guitar in his own original project, opening up for national acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, White Lion, and Living Color. A few years later, he returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh,PA, to finish school and pursue a business career.

In 1993, Rob married the love of his life, Kimberly.

He reconnected himself with some old friends in 1999 to start writing and recording music again. This ultimately led to the formation of Visual Cliff , which has since put out four critically-acclaimed releases (visit www.visualcliff.net for more information).
Fall Of Echoes came about as a result of Rob’s collaboration with Orphan Project vocalist Shane Lankford, who contributed vocals to three tracks on the latest Visual Cliff release entitled ‘Freedom Within.' With Visual Cliff being a primarily instrumental project, the debut Fall Of Echoes album ‘Red Tree’ has allowed Perez to focus fully on writing music to showcase the amazing vocal abilities of Lankford. Rob is the main writer for the band. A talented lead guitarist in his own right (check out Visual Cliff ), Rob decided to funnel his attention in Fall Of Echoes toward the role of writer/rhythm guitarist, making way for the lead guitar work of critically-acclaimed guitarist Rick Mals .

Musical Influences:
Alex Lifeson, Jimmy Page, Edward Van Halen, Ty Tabor, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani

All-Time Favorite Bands:
Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Kansas, Rush, ELP, The Who, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Chicago Transit Authority, Cream, Van Halen, Yes, Fates Warning, Queensryche

Recent Favorite Bands:
King's X, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, Neal Morse, The Flower Kings, Moke, Ours, OSI, Transatlantic, The Tangent, Indukti, Circus Maximus

Biking, Weight Lifting

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