Fall of Failsafe

Fall of Failsafe


We are a hardworking, friendly group of guys, we are young but excel at what we do. Our age doesn't stop us and we put on one of the best live shows you'll ever see


Fall Of Failsafe is a Hardcore/Screamo/Experimental band from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The band consists of 6 members ranging between the ages of 17-21. Although young, we show maturity through our music and performance. We will demand your attention through our stage performance. The band has gone through change ups and different lineups over the years and it's only made us stronger as a group. What we lack in age we've learned to make up in pure energy and making ourselves stand out in the business. We've worked hard to try to make our dream as a band to become a reality. Every aspect we have in our music we take directly from our lives and try to make it impact the lives of everyone who hears it. We hope you are always listening to us, because we are always listening to you.
We are Fall of Failsafe.


We are recording our E.P. we have the first single finished called "Look to the Skies"

Set List

20-30 minute sets, 5-6 songs, no covers