Fall of the Albatross

Fall of the Albatross

 Jamaica, New York, USA

Fall Of The Albatross: Progtechjazzmacore from Queens NY.


Formed in the Spring of 2007, Fall of the Albatross delivers experimental metal that may come as a breath of fresh air to many fans of heavy music. Incorporating sexy jazz interludes, intense latin rhythms, emotionally driven rock riffs,and a strange, but witty sense of humor, Fall Of The Albatross manages to create metal that is eclectic and enjoyable for the open-minded listener.

The band is set to release Entanglement, their debut EP on May 18th, 2011, and has released "Dulce De Leche" the first single from the upcoming album. The boys of Fall of the Albatross are looking forward to turning a few heads with their unique songwriting and their intense, engaging live performance.


Entanglement- EP (2011)
Dulce De Leche- Single (2011)
The Silver Epic- Single (2011)

Set List

Set List-
Dulce De Leche
Enjoy Yo'self
Unicorn Teardrops
The Force
The Last Dragon II: The Revenge Of Sho'
The Silver Epic