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Salem, Virginia, United States

Salem, Virginia, United States
Band Rock Metal


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"Listen, Learn, Love, Fallon"

Fallon started out as just a group of guys who wanted to play music.
They formed a band named after their English teacher at Roanoke Catholic School. He then got them their first gig at the school's Shakespeare Festival.
Since then, group members have started college and picked up a new lead singer, Chase Carroll.
"Chase makes the rest of us look good," said guitarist Jake Richardson.
Inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Guns n’ Roses, and AC/DC, Fallon creates a fusion of classic and hard rock.
When asked to describe their music style, bassist Kevin Logan declared it “Freaking sweet!”
Fallon doesn’t really have a target audience; they play for anyone who will listen and enjoy the show. But drummer Joe Weatherman would like all the ladies out there to know that three of the band members are single.
“If you want our phone numbers, just let us know,” he said.
The band is playing Thursday at 8 p.m. at Virginia Tech, Saturday at 9 p.m. at Champ’s in Blacksburg and Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. at the Coffee Pot in Roanoke.
Visit the band’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/fallonband.
-Alex McDilda - The Roanoke Times

"Hard-rocking Fallon fires up the Green Dolphin Grille"

The Green Dolphin Grille once again showed its skill with booking innovative and emerging music acts on Friday night with local hard-rock band Fallon.
Opening with “Fields of Life” lyrics, “It’s hard to go on when you can’t stand the pain; it’s hard to sing a note when you’re going insane,” the pulsating energy of the band seemed to reverberate the Grille.
The electricity in the air continued to mount as Fallon unrelentingly rocked hard on every song, giving a stage performance unmatched by any local music group. With a presence similar to a mix of Freddy Mercury and Alice Cooper, avant-garde frontman Joe Weatherman nimbly interacted with the excitable crowd. Bar patrons stood up to applaud as Fallon’s signature “Slay The Angel” began and, like moths to a flame, pedestrians on the dimly lit streets of downtown Roanoke flooded the Grille.
With influence from such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and the Who, Fallon’s music is not only true to its respectable roots, but innovative in a way that relies solely on glowing musical abilities and keen gift for writing daringly original lyrics. Throughout the show, Fallon member Jake Richardson played both acoustic and electric guitar with chords eerily reminiscent of a young Jimmy Page while ingeniously complementing the eclectic vocal stylings of frontman Weatherman.
Bassist Kevin Logan and drummer Cameron Trout demonstrated technique on their respective instruments that was astonishing.
In fan favorite “Seven Iron”, Fallon reached its pinnacle as they showcased a range of instrumental and vocal dexterity akin to early Black Sabbath. Fallon’s lyric-writing ability proved true most memorably in “Red Fox”, as Weatherman crooned, “I can see the fire in her eyes/ the screams in her voice/ my soul is mine I am told/ but to follow her I have no choice.”
As the night wore on, Fallon’s vigor in no way ebbed, but grew stronger as the bass, heavy and liquid, flowed into a deep acoustic guitar, culminating in what can only be described as pure Fallon.
Fallon’s local acclaim comes from its true merit, as the band members deftly combine the old and the new, the classic, and the original, to create a sound that is both their and exemplary of their rich musical background.
When asked about influences for their music, Logan replied, “We don’t think about any other band when we write out music; that wouldn’t then be our music. When we write our music, we think about ourselves playing it, and no one else.”
This commendable mantra has obviously proved effective by the insight and vivaciousness of the sound that is Fallon. Go to www.roanoke.com/theedge to hear Fallon’s podcast, and www.myspace.com/fallonband to hear “Slay The Angel”, “Red Fox”, and many others.
-Shannon Cummings - The Roanoke Times

"Roanoke Hard Rock Festival, presented by Fallon"

Presented by Fallon

With Neutral Territory, Aggressor State, Fallon, Ill Omen, An Eternal Decree, Madrone, Doom Syndicate, Dark Ruin

Elmwood Park will rattle with the sounds of metal as a pack of hard-rocking outfits invades the natural ampitheater.

(A write-up of the annual festival presented by Fallon) - The Roanoke Times


Slay The Angel
Seven Iron
No Country
Red Fox
Fields of Life
Slightly Used
Get Evil
God Fearing Man
Kickn' The Stones
Finally Free
Lover Drugs
Brave the Dark

Songs that have airplay on our local radio stations:
Slay The Angel
Red Fox



The whole concept for the band actually started in 2000, but, as what happens with most great ideas, it took a few years for everything to fall into their proper places. In 2003-2004, a four piece band emerged, with JoeJoe Weatherman on vocals, Jake Richardson on guitar, Kevin Logan on bass, and Cameron Trout on drums. FALLON started writing early ideas for songs that would exist several years later, albeit in varied forms. Starting off small, FALLON hit the schools and parks, performing for small throngs of fans and the interested. Eventually, FALLON took to larger venues, such as the Green Dolphin Grille. In fall of 2006, FALLON made a very hard decision to part ways with drummer Cameron Trout due to personal reasons. Trout was replaced by singer JoeJoe Weatherman, and vocals were split between Weatherman and bassist Kevin Logan. FALLON began to play more and more shows around Roanoke, such as at the Coffee Pot and the Brambleton Teen Center, as well as a couple stints at Greystone Tavern. The trio of Logan, Richardson, and Weatherman remained solid throughout their last year in high school and into their first semester of college. Upgrades in the band equipment followed, with Jake now playing a custom Les Paul, Kevin performing on a new and improved bass, and JoeJoe smashing and thrashing his way on a RCI Starlite acrylic drum set. During the middle of October 2007, Kevin Logan met a fellow rocker at college and introduced him to the rest of FALLON. The friend was Chase Carroll, and FALLON was once again a foursome, with Carroll on lead vocals. The new FALLON played several shows on college campuses in Blacksburg and Radford, VA, as well as making appearances in Roanoke, VA from time to time. As school ended, and Carroll returned home to Tennessee, a strain grew between the core of FALLON and the new singer. Carroll parted from the band in July of 2008, making FALLON a trio for the second time. Since then, FALLON has decided to focus their attention on remaining a three piece and writing new rockin music for their fans and for the world. Keep in touch for upcoming shows in areas near you. And if you want us to come to your area, send us a message and we’ll do our best to set up a show and rock your hometown. Stay faithful to FALLON and FALLON promises to always give an excellent musical experience.