Fallon Bowman

Fallon Bowman

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A fusion of R&B with a touch of 70's soul solid rock and a dash of electronica with some powerful vocals.


Fallon Bowman

“Seattle grunge stole my rock virginity” laughs vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and primal rock 'n' roller Fallon Bowman about the pivotal moment that would see her dedicating her life to music.

Assailing and alluring music fans for 15 years through various endeavours thanks to a forceful kick-start into performance at an early age, Fallon Bowman may have given over her naïvety to that edgy musical movement but it was entirely consensual; not without proposition on her part.

“Music has always been a part of my life; what I turned to when I was sad, happy, or whatever I was feeling like most people do,” she concedes. “My interest in pursuing it as a career came on from the time I was very young, hamming it up for the family at four or five years old. Eventually, it reached the point where I was old enough to want to start writing and thinking about it consciously.”

Compelled to investigate the world of abrasive, heartfelt rock motivated by angst, passion and cathartic release after discovering a genre great's t-shirt as a young teen, Bowman instantly set sights on overtaking music.

Initially achieving that with her dynamic passion, endless vigour and ability in loud/heavy outfit Kittie, Bowman's inborn need to blossom outside of that genre's tight constraints eventually led to work with legendary industrial brigade Pigface. Bowman then brought that experimentation to her own Amphibious Assault before embracing a fresh perspective in spirited rockers The Grace Dynasty.

Ultimately however, despite learning much with those projects, Bowman could not ignore her true calling: unadulterated rock 'n' roll. Reverting back to that exciting moment of youthful discovery and pairing it with her wealth of wisdom and experiences, Bowman is poised to attack rock; take its virginity and bring it down to quivering knees with solo debut Human, Conditional, her most powerful, enchanting and accomplished work to date.

Resolving to record only when confident in its completeness, impact and vision, Human, Conditional was committed to tape in the course of one week but still took a solid four years to craft. Directly spawned from Bowman embracing years of personal time to complete a post-secondary education and travel, she has distilled those intense, unforgettable experiences into10 songs bolstered by her wildly contrasting musical tastes. Essentially, Human, Conditional is Bowman in her purest form.

“I’ve gone back to my roots. It’s straight up rock with lots of electronic elements interjected because that has become a very big part of my musical writing as of late. The classic four piece: drums, bass, and guitar, keys and singing with a whole lot of attitude,” she grins. “I have a bank of music in my head that sort of 'spits out' an amalgamation of influences into what I do now.”

Inspired by a vast array of current and legendary icons, Human, Conditional's unequalled sound and style proudly boasts influence via everything from punk heroes The Clash to R&B/soul/gospel great Whitney Houston and even pop diva Lady Gaga.

“If I could say a time period that influenced this record, I would say the '70s, with lots of organs and an all around cool vibe unlike anything I have done before,” she beams.

At the same time, Bowman admits that while pulling from a wealth of disparate resources, at the other end of the spectrum, Human, Conditional is cathartic, purging emotions created by the impact of life itself. Delivering those sentiments through complex vocal arrangements motivated by everything from disco to reggae and country, Human, Conditional features unique styling created by the perfect medium to support each song's mood.

“In a way, it's a bit of a 'concept record,' in that all of the songs are about the sort of rise and fall of a relationship doomed to end from the very beginning. The meeting, the good times, the devastation and finally, the end,” Bowman notes, divulging the motivation behind such an aurally and passionately fervent album.

“My music and lyrics come from somewhere inside of me that I cannot readily tap into. I would certainly say they're packed with raw emotion; driven by the sentiments associated with love, loss and anger. The emotions are raw and literal because I'm a very emotional person, feeling things quite deeply. Sometimes the only way to let it out is to put it on paper, then add music to really drive that feeling home.”

Proud of her efforts yet wisely humble, Bowman reiterates that Human, Conditional encapsulates much learned in but a few short years of existence. Still, it embraces her aspirations to grow and refine as both a spirit and musician. Striving to couple a progressive vision with catchy songs and inherent revelry, the album shines bright but will burn indelibly, casting a strong, enviable glow on this talented young songstress.

“Human, Conditional showcases my ability as a musician to understand the elements of a good song but al


Tales from the fourth floor

Written By: Fallon Bowman

Tales From the Fourth Floor

I feel half the time I need to lose it all
Start from nothing and pick up all the shame
Deeply sinned
Deeply grinning
at the lechery
of you but
you're a mockery of what a man should be

Can't believe
I let you make me afraid
Some sort of predator
Not enough bullets in the world
to kill you with
I can see it now
The powerful now powerless
Ah, what a sigh of relief, it's done
Never want to feel
I brought it on myself
but you know that's not the way it is

Refuse to let you win
So I take it back from you
the power that you stole

But let me say
That you've awakened me

I've made some mistakes
I won't pretend that I’m a saint
But I’ve made up my mind
Because now is the time
to see things anew
despite of the bad times
live life with a smile
and scream out loud
Baby, "i'm okay.'

Cause you've awakened me

This is what it feels like to be free