Fall Saves Grace

Fall Saves Grace

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

We are a hard rock band focused on and driven by raw emotion and life experiences. We are electrifying on stage and pure professionalism off of it.


We are Fall Saves Grace from Tacoma, WA.
We are building a name for ourselves in the world of rock music.
Each member of our band is from a different walk of life, varying in age and musical influences, From blues and jazz to progressive metal and everything between, we draw from a variety of influences and experiences when writing music and lyrics. We base our music on our lives; on the headaches and heartaches, the joys and the sorrows.
We bring raw emotion and energy into our music; a vibrance felt by those listening and those watching. We are sincere in every note, every lyric, every nuance. This is us. These words and these melodies are who we are. We have given you everything, and we hope you enjoy.

Set List

At Last
The Path
In Memory
Little Pigs, Little Pigs
Man in the Box