The music is very aggressive and very power groove orientated. With a mix of heavy and melodic vocals.


Falsefaced originates from the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. The music is heavy but diverse to the average listener. Our influences are Pantera, Sevendust, Motley Crue, Killswitch Engage and many others. We would like to think that are music appeals to a large audience and that music lovers of rock in general, would appreciate it. We try and make the shows we play as fun as possible and give a 110% in every show we play to give the fans their money's worth.

FalseFaced has had the opportunity to play with national acts such as:

Five Finger Death Punch (Firm Music)
SOIL (DRT Entertainment)
The Autumn Offering (Victory records)
Bobaflex (TVT records)
Within Chaos (Koch records)
Oblige (Stillborn records)


Our new EP entitled " My Worst Enemy" will be availabe in May 2008. We have tracks streaming at myspace.com/falsefacedmusic
Radio airplay: WONC 89.1 Naperville IL, 105.7 the X Peoria, IL
The tracks consist of:
1. Escape
2. Memory Darkens
3. My Worst Enemy
4. Control of Me
5. Fallen

Set List

Our typical set list is about 8 songs. about 30-45 minutes. We throw in a cover song every now and again.
The Set List:
1. Fallen
2. Memory Darkens
3. The hand you are dealt
4. Escape
5. Handcuff the World
6. My worst enemy
7. control of me
8. cover tune
we typically cover a variety of songs. A couple examples are Killswitch Engaged "end of heartache", Hatebreed " I will Be Heard"