False Flag

False Flag

 Augusta, Georgia, USA

False Flag is a 4 piece band, making their way around the south east like a 2 dollar hooker. All over the Southeast, they are playing shows that get crowds pumped up & ready to drink. They enjoy long walks on the beach & moonlit dancing, as long as there's beer involved & a PA system ready to go.


The band is comprised of Terrell who plays quick bass riffs & sings lead vocals. Jake plugs away writing most of the music & lyrics, while kickin' out the pinch squeals on rhythm guitar. Chris is the drummer, who keeps us all in line. Finally Guapo who brings tons of different sounds to the mix between the keyboard, sound bytes, & a washboard.

We started playing together in 2009 and have played 50+ shows. We aren't trying to break in genre barriers or anything. We just enjoy writing music, playing music, & having fun with it.

Our sound might be a little different because of the wide range of influences each of us has. We have been told we sound like Alice In Chains mixed with a little bit of Bad Religion. Someone said we had The Misfits influence in our music. We actually have a little bit for everyone. We have a "rock-a-billy" song, a few punk sounding songs, and some "seattle-rock" sounding songs.


Dying Smile

Written By: Jake Fischer

When you smile I see the way I want to be
When you cry I see why you would want to leave
I'm not the one you thought you knew
I took my sickness out on you

What happened to the man that I used to be
Why do I hate the way that I seem to me
Unbind your chains and set you free
Running fast before I won't let you leave

Put you through hell and back again
Demons by my side and I can't win
It's been a long time since back then
Life is on your side and I can't win


Now there's nothing left to say
Not that you would care much anyway
I gave you love I gave you hate
I know we'll never be the same


Written By: Jake Fischer

Forgive yourself and walk away

Set List

Judging Eyes
Real World
Dying Smile
Banana In My Hand
Wide Open
Rusty Blade
DUI (Second Offense)
Bulls On Parade
Killing In The Name
Say It Ain't So
I Don't Know Anything
Forever Young
What I Got
Santa Monica