I hate writing these sort of things to be honest, I'm not going to say shit like 'there are no other bands like us' because that's a lie but we are an alternative rock band, we believe we write genuine and honest music and because of this you will get a genuine and honest performance.


The name False-Heads had been around since 2010 and there were some early demos but to be honest it was sloppy, under rehearsed and just noise. However our first EP 'Animation Draining Needles' was recorded just before I (Luke) went to uni in 2011 and was worked hard on. I planned to just make another band when I met Jack and Jake, but we couldn't be bothered to find another name. Singles such as 'Where is Your Man' and 'Without a Doubt' had positive reviews as well as making New to Q Radio's 'Single of the Week' and getting plays on BBC stations and many other student and internet radios. We gigged in the summer and recorded some rough demos to get ready for our second EP 'Tunnel Vision' which will be released in April/May of 2013.


Animation Draining Needles - September 2011