Québec, Quebec, CAN

Falz is what's gonna make you want to drive your car faster, turn that tv off and go live some rock n roll. Falz is not a combination of a thousand different music styles, simply calling it Rock N Roll is more than enough. Don't miss the opportunity to see this band live !


Falz is born from the reunion of three young guys who share the same love for rock and blues. The band started when Phil Matte (Guitar, main vocal), Dave Daniel's (Drum, vocal) and Mike Morris (Bass, vocal) met in 2007.

With influences going from Lynyrd Skynyrd to ZZ Top and Guns N Roses, Falz created a solid set of rock n roll that leaves no one indifferent, the band has it's own unique sound. The power trio mixes rock and blues like no one, its members carry different moods through their instruments and voices.

With more than 200 shows accumulated since 2007, the trio has made a lot of interesting events for an indie band. They finished 2nd at the 2nd skin rock contest in 2009 amongst 91 bands, participated in the ''House Band'' show on MusiquePlus Montreal, recorded a live show for ''Lézarts Studio'' on ''Vox'' Tv Channel (aired everywhere around Quebec province), recorded they're first independent record ''Get the hell out of your head'', played the ''Envol & Macadam'' festival and release they're first music video for the song ''Home Alive'' in december 2011.

The new year kicked off with an amazing performance at the TEXAS ROCKFEST in Austin on march 13th and an opening act for mythical band Anvil. The band also played at the world renown TREMBLANT BLUES FEST, the QUEBEC CITY SUMMER FESTIVAL featuring acts like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. They also toured Ontario during the fall and played venues like the mythical RAINBOW IN OTTAWA and made a very good impression at the INDIEWEEK FESTIVAL IN TORONTO.

If you haven't seen this band live, than the rock n' blues in you has not reached maturity yet.

You should take time to go see our Live performance for ''My time's not over'' on Musiqueplus, a song that will be featured on our 2nd record coming 2013. Copy and paste the link ! (Interviews are in french, recorded in Montreal)



Cheers !


2011- Get the hell out of your head

Set List

1- Bring you up
2- I want you
3- If only money matters
4- Between you and the woodbox
5- Enjoy your stay
6- Young while we can
7- Home Alive
8- Wasting Time
9- Feel me
10- Always the same
11- Magic Powder
12- My time's not over
13- Wasting time
14- Freedom Addiction