Family Order

Family Order


Family Order combines psychedelic, neo classical melodies with deep, textural grooves to create a unique sound that's sure to activate anyone's wildest imagination. Currently supporting their debut album, Family Order is captivating Chicago one show at a time.


Driven by their similar passions for unusual progressions, deep grooves and epic
melodies, keyboardist Eitan Bernstein and drummer Charlie Dresser started writing together in 2006. It wasn’t long before they had enough material for an album, and in 2007, they began recording their self-funded, self-produced debut release.
While spending time on and off in the studio, Eitan and Charlie started playing routy
college and house parties around the city. They made a name for themselves performing as
a sort of hard funk/ gospel/ fusion duo. But when it came time to support their newly released
album, the two knew they couldn’t do it alone. Recruiting Chicago bassist Ben Smith and guitarist
Dan Guzman, the duo- turned 4-piece began working on their live version of the mysterious and
psychedelic melodies represented on the album.
Now, following a successful CD release show at Chicago’s famed Kinetic Playground,
Family Order is hoping to continue to build a loyal following in Chicago and around the Midwest,
catering to music lovers who demand a new, fresh and freaky sound for their ears and a captivating
live performance for their minds.


Family Order - Self Titled - 2008

Set List

We perform all the songs from our album, plus some real crowd pleasing covers such as Crash Test Dummie's "Mmmm Mmm Mmm Mmm", Air's "Venus", and the theme song to Home Improvement.

Typically our set is about 75 minutes, but we can easily play shorter or longer depending on the circumstance.