Family Wagon

Family Wagon

 San Diego, California, USA

We're an indie rock 'n' roll band that pairs catchy melodies and harmonies with gritty, soul filled music. Combine that with our passionate, energetic live set and we've got a lot to offer


Family Wagon plays their version of rock & roll. Their sound is soulful, gritty and bold with a little 70’s Psychedelic sensibility thrown in for fun.

Family Wagon started out in the basement of the Science building at their university. Back then they were just a guitar, bass and a cookie sheet for percussion. Without a vocalist, they were just a motley crew of nerds with whiskey-fueled dreams of making it big.

But four years, a vocalist, a keys player, 2 EPs and 100's of performances later that dream is quickly becoming a reality. After the release of their latest EP "Last Drag" and a successful showing at SXSW Family Wagon has drawn comparisons to the music of The Cold War Kids and The Black Keys with the vocal harmonies of Mumford and Sons, received regular airplay from 91x and FM949, shared the stage with the Crash Kings, The Whigs, The Cold War Kids, Mariachi El Bronx, Transfer, The Silent Comedy and played music festivals throughout Southern California. When you see them live, the passion and enthusiasm for music is obvious and infectious. Hair flying, eyes closed and bodies moving to the beat…These guys were born to perform and play rock & roll.

Family Wagon is Bryan Bangerter (guitar), Calen Lucas (vocals), Jarel Paguio (piano), Steve Serrano (drums) and Gareth Moore (bass).


Teleblaster EP (2010)
Last Drag EP (2012)

Air Play: "Hi Hi Goodbye" on 91X FM, 94.9FM, and ROCK 105.3
Air Play: "Keeper of the Medicine" - 91X FM,102.1 FM, FM 94.9, and ROCK 105.3
Air Play: "Hard Times" - FM 94.9, 91X FM

Set List

Energetic and dynamic set

Heart Here For Ya
Last Drag
Tired Eyes And Aching Bones
Keeper Of The Medicine
Wonder If She Knows
Walking In Your Silhouette
For The Light
Hey Donna
Hard Times