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F.A.M. Music is a musical entertainment company based out of Myrtle Beach, SC. their goal is to develop fresh talent from an otherwise untouched musical landscape. They have developed their own unique sound and touch many music ranges, with the major focus on the Hip-Hop and R&B genres.

It's two founding members Low Dirt and Sha.Severe were both born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Absorbing as much as possible from the bustling NY music scene the siblings decided to take their craft to uncharted territory. Moving to the South, which at the time was still struggling to make it's mark in Hip Hop, the brothers built a production studio and started producing for local artists. They also began an aggressive promotional campaign to further build on the company's success. By producing a series of mixtapes, which the duo also showcased their own lyrical prowess; the team built a strong local following. They also continue the talent search in the Carolina area to find and develop new acts to represent F.A.M. Music.

The duo are currently in the act of promoting a second full length album which will give exposure to themselves as artists/producers along with some of their new up and coming artists. They are also currently looking to sign new acts and are still producing demo cd's for local talent. With opportunity and plenty of raw talent, F.A.M. Music is poised to be a strong force in the entertainment industry.

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"Why Lie I Need Money" vol. 1 mixtape hosted by Low Dirt and Sha.Severe

"Why Lie I Need Money" vol. 2 mixtape hosted by Low Dirt and Sha.Severe

"The Free Demo" compilation LP featuring The TrackMarks & Justin Howard

"Beach Heat" vol. 1 mixtape hosted by DJ QP

"You Know The Rules" vol. 1 mixtape hosted by Sha.Severe

"The Leak" Album prerelease featuring The TrackMarks, Cee Cee Edwards and Sino Corleone

"Proof Of Life" compilation LP featuring The TrackMarks, Justin Howard, Sino Corleone, Tip C., J.Rich and Anna Banana available now at myspace.com/fammusicinc

"Ridin' Music" vol. 1 mixtape hosted by Sha.Severe

"Ridin' Music" vol. 2 mixtape hosted by Sha.Severe

"We Still Ridin'" vol. 1 mixtape hosted by Sha.Severe

"We Still Ridin'" vol. 2 mixtape hosted by Sha.Severe

"HaterProof...The Mixtape" vol. 1 hosted by

"HaterProof 2...The Mixtape" vol. 2 hosted by Sha.Severe

Beats available for sale or lease from the TrackMarks.

Set List

Our longest set was probably about 35-40 mins long. We only have two albums worth of material to perform and don't perform all of our music. We have a DJ but we switch from DJ to prerecorded performance cd's that have the whole show on track. We put in the cd and our entire set is mixed down with added sound effects before we get on stage. Most times the DJ doesn't have to do anything but put the cd in and ad lib. Our in house DJ (J.Rich) will sometimes perform with us and then he incorporates his set (dj scracthing, etc) and some old school to tease the crowd. Adding him to our shows gives us at least an hour on stage alongside our cd. We also have more artists under our label and can incorporate them into our show.

"I Often Wonder"
"Down Here"
"It's Like Dat"
"Who U Rollin' Wit?"
"The Hood N Me"
"Criminal Minds"
"Favorite Things"
"Hustla's Interlude"