Famous Freysh

Famous Freysh

BandHip HopR&B

We are The Best Hip-hop and R&B group period. Consisiting of two members who both sing and rap.


They started off as as two individual rappers. They grew up in the streets of detroits and they moved around Frequently. So one day they decided to move to the ATL where rappers are mostly getting signed. They are brothers and the reason the call them selves Famous Freysh is because ones name is Famous UveE and The others name is So Freysh so they combined the two popular names in came up with Famous Freysh Double F's. They fused together with there talent and make non-stop hits with rapping and singing.Famous UveE is 18 and So Freysh is 15 so Brutha to Brutha look out theres real talent comming your way. There young There mean There Famous Freysh!


Swagganometry 101

Set List

We Perform at least 3-5 songs
That Would Include:
She Likes It
Cuz Imma Beast
Dats Me
Get Freaky
Makin A mocement
On Deck!
15-35minutes depending on the show.