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Futuristic music that hasn't come down to Earth yet. These chics have music that the ancient Sumarians warned us about coming in 2012. Heavy bass, Jazz, and melodics synths are apart of the recipe of FamousKYD. Get ready for a journey through beats, rhymes, and interplanetary time travel.


Formerly know as Intellectual Idiotzz, this female writing and production duo, records all of their own original music in-house. FamousKYD hails from New York's most poetic and musically inspired borough of Harlem. The group consists of "Boogie" the group's lead producer/rapper/ songwriter, and "Ace", the vocal/songwriter. The group teamed up mid- 2010 to begin their journey together as artists to create what is to be the most influential female duo/group of their time.

Boogie, who's witty, and "Andre 3000-esc" rhymes and trippy beats, combined with Ace's soulful, raspy vocals are a beautiful contrast to one another, and also give's the duo their unique sound.

Originally from Long Island, New York, Boogie started her career at the Institue of Audio Research. During her studies, she was offered an internship at Bad Boy Records, where she worked as an Assistant Engineer at Daddy's House Recording Studio for 4 years, working with hip hop super producers, Danja, Mario Winans, and Sean Combs. She also earned Assistant Engineer credits on Jay Z's Grammy Award-nominated and multi-platinum album "American Gangsta". She also worked alongside of Sean "Diddy" Combs's album "Press Play", Danity Kane's "Dollhouse", and Day 26's "Day 26".
Most of her influences include Micheal Jackson, Outkast, Kanye West, and Lauryn Hill to name a few; and is the blueprint of whom she is respectively, made of.

Ace, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, brings her Creole family roots as a dynamic part of the group's sound. Coming from a Classical, Jazz and Hip Hop background, her soulful, raspy voice adds the element that separates FamousKYD from other leading groups. She started her professional career performing at the famous open-mic night's at New York City's "Village Underground". She also had a summer resident gig singing background vocals for cover band, "L'nard's Many Moods" at another one of the West Village's most widely known venues, "The Groove", home to the likes of Chaka Kahn, Lisa Lisa, and Prince.

Together this group's melodic, futuristic tones, and heavy bass laden beats are the new wave of the future of young, new hip hop artists to come. These ladies are setting the tone for all females in a male-dominated industry. Their music not only tells stories of personal vendettas, industry stereotypes, sexism and oppression, but also inspiring other artists who are "famousKYD's" in their own right. These ladies have made it cool again to have self- confidence, swag, sexyness, and are damn good at it.


Turn the Radio Off (2011)
TommorowLand (2012)- unreleased